May 23, 2019

Boat loan, boat out on the water

Eastex Boat Loans

It can take a long time to save up money to purchase a new boat. Fortunately, you can quickly get the funding you need by applying for a Eastex CU boat loan. Eastex offers flexible terms, low rates, and easy payments.

What type of boats does Eastex finance?

  • Cabin cruisers
  • Fishing boats
  • Motorboats
  • Pontoons
  • Pleasure boats
  • Deck boats
  • High-powered boats
  • Jet Ski
  • Boats suited for water sports

Get a Boat Loan Today

If you are interested in a new or used boat this summer, contact us today. Stop by your local branch or apply online now. Eastex can help you get the board you want so you can start enjoying your time on the water.

Apr 25, 2019

Home remodel, paintingYou do not have to move into a new place to get the home that you want. You can make a few home upgrades. A home remodel can be expensive, but there are a number of things that you can do to pay for them. Continue reading »

Apr 11, 2019

Road Sign, Reality Check Ahead, Does your car payment need a reality check? Rates as low as 2.95% APR, Apply or Get Pre-Approved today, refinance

You bought a car and you’re well on your way to paying it off based on your agreed upon rate and terms. You keep hearing about refinancing, but it sounds complicated and like it would require a lot of paperwork, right? Would it really make a difference?  The truth is refinancing is pretty quick and easy, and the best part? It can save you a lot of money.

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Apr 4, 2019

annual meeting, spotlight

You hear about it every year but what do you actually know about our annual meeting and what are the reasons you should take time out of your schedule to attend?

Why do we have an Annual Meeting? Holding an Annual Meeting is one of the distinguishing characteristics of credit unions compared to banks. Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions and our Annual Meeting is an opportunity for our owners (you) to converge, hear about the status and financial health of the credit union and vote on the Board of Directors. The BOD is made up of volunteer members that oversee and decide on important credit union decisions including policy and rate changes and senior management.

What does the Annual Meeting consist of? You’ll receipt a copy of our annual report, hear brief overviews from our President, Treasurer and Board Chairman and get a breakdown of the previous year’s financials. We will discuss our successes and failures from last year and go over our plans for improving the credit union in the years to come and elect our new Board of Directors.

Why should you attend our Annual Meeting? Our members are our owners. When you joined Eastex Credit Union (or any credit union for that matter), you became one of our owners. No matter the size of your account, each member has one equal vote. You see, that’s the really great thing about credit unions. We don’t have shareholders to keep happy with full pockets. Instead, each of our members holds one share of us and each share gets one vote in the decisions we make that affect the entire membership.

Free food. If you still aren’t convinced you should be involved in the credit union decisions that affect you (and your money!), at least come give it a shot and enjoy a meal on us. We might surprise you! You’ll also get to spend some time talking with other members, the President/CEO, members of the Board and our employees!

The Annual Meeting is the only time of the year to spend an hour focused on bettering your financial institution. It’s what makes us different and what makes us a family instead of a bank.

Plan to Join Us for the Eastex CU Annual Meeting!

Date: Tuesday, April 23rd
Time: 6pm – Dinner in the Evadale High School Cafeteria
Location: Meeting will follow dinner in the Evadale ISD Auditorium

*Door Prizes and CASH drawings are up for grabs! (Must be present to win)

Mar 28, 2019


Saving money can be so very difficult. There always seems to be another bill. Nevertheless, developing good money management habits can help you build your wealth. We will discuss ways, methods, and tools for improving your frugality. Good savers have more control over their lives. Learn how to build up savings for unexpected emergencies.

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Mar 21, 2019

Tokenization, cell phone, eastex credit card, Visa, apple pay, google pay, samsung pay

Welcome to a new, safer way to pay.

Tokenization has recently taken off due to the increased usage of e-commerce and mobile payments including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay which are being used at hundreds of thousands of retail stores, online and on mobile apps. Continue reading »

Mar 14, 2019

buying a homeBuying a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual or a family can make. Few purchases will be as big, and few will tie up as much money over as long a period of time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think long and hard about what you’re looking for when you decide to pull the trigger on the purchase of a home. Continue reading »

Mar 7, 2019

Business loan

Thinking about starting your own business but not sure where to start? You’re not alone! Borrowing money to start your own business is overwhelming and the fear of failure can be enough to stop many in their tracks. However, if you dream of being your own boss, navigating the process is a necessary step. Continue reading »

Feb 21, 2019

Credit score

If a poor credit score is getting in the way of what you want to achieve, be aware that there are organizations out there ready to help. You can get a better handle on your score (and your money) by working with the right financial institutions, building good financial habits and conquering your debt. Continue reading »

Feb 14, 2019

How do you feel about your financial institution? If it’s just a place where you keep your savings or deposit checks, you are missing out. You should love where you bank and there are many reasons to love banking with a credit union. Here are just a few of them. Continue reading »

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