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Nov 13, 2018

Gold glitter surrounding the words Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving has long been known as the busiest and best shopping day of the year. Retailers of all sizes promote “amazing” deals that are supposedly better than any other time. Traditionally, shoppers have really bought into these deals with many hitting the stores in the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving night to try and save a buck. Last year, in fact, retailers pulled in $7.9 billion from 77 million in-store shoppers on Black Friday!

But, is the stress and crowd fighting really worth the money you save? Here are some reasons that staying home on Black Friday may be your best bet.

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Nov 8, 2018
dinner of an affordable holiday meal

Hosting an upcoming fall or winter holiday can be a great time to gather all your friends and family together. The cost of celebrating can quickly add up if you aren’t careful! Eastex Credit Union has put together some tips for how to cook a holiday meal without breaking the bank.

Clip Those Coupons

If you have never clipped coupons, the holidays are a great time to get started! Local grocery stores and larger chains offer great discounts on popular holiday food items. They can seriously cut down the total cost of your ingredients. Keep a book or folder to keep track of what coupons you’ve clipped so you can find the best deals. Keeping track of coupons will help you plan your shopping excursions accordingly.

Potluck Your Dinner!

It’s commonplace nowadays to request your guests to provide an appetizer or dessert to bring to a larger holiday meal. Preparing food for a large number of people can quickly add up, so by divvying up the responsibility, you can ultimately cut costs. Plus, it can be a fun way to discover new recipes – encourage your guests to bring some printouts of the recipe they used so they can pass it out to those why want it! This is even more fun if it’s a family recipe.

Buy In Bulk

For those who have a membership at one of the larger retailers like Sam’s Club or Costco, the holidays are a great time to utilize the savings benefits you can get from those places. In addition to getting great deals on food items, you can also purchase plates, napkins, and cups in a larger quantity so you not only save on your budget but also cut down the number of dishes you’ll have to clean after dinner!

Stick to Turkey

Some families can go overboard with the amount of main-dish meats they offer to their guests. Keep in mind that while it is perfectly okay to do so, some of those alternate meats do cost a lot more per-pound than standard turkey. For example, a popular meat to accompany the turkey is honey-glazed ham or Cornish game hen, which are MUCH more expensive in comparison to just getting a larger turkey! Similarly, grocers will fight to offer the best value for turkeys, so you can oftentimes get a great deal – and for those who don’t need to purchase fresh, a frozen turkey can definitely offer a cheaper option.

Portion Your Dishes Accurately

Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers! However, not accurately planning your portion sizes when cooking can lead to a drastic overage of leftovers. Unless you can count on utilizing the majority of the leftovers, most of it turns into wasted food and money. If you’re cooking your holiday meal from a recipe, make sure to check the number of people it serves. Compare that to the number of people you will be hosting. Dinner parties sometimes are a good time to make new dishes. Keep a more basic palate that everyone will enjoy, as to encourage people to finish their plates!

Planning and executing a holiday party can take a lot of time. It doesn’t necessarily have to take a toll on your wallet as well! By taking these tips into account, you can happily enjoy hosting your family get-together without worrying about the financial repercussions. For all other financial concerns, contact Eastex Credit Union today – we are happy to help you apply for membership, open a new savings account, or anything else you might need to reach your financial goals.

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Oct 25, 2018

Christmas tree made out of one hundred dollar bills, wrapped in twine and planted in a red cup full of coins

The holidays are approaching, and you may already be starting to think about upcoming expenses: hosting family dinners, presents for family and friends, party clothes – it all adds up! Eastex Credit Union has put together some helpful tips to get started on saving for the holidays early on – by spreading out your savings over a couple of months, it will be easier to save up without making too many drastic changes to your current budget.

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Oct 18, 2018

Halloween is upon us once again! We all want our kids to experience a Halloween night of all treats and no tricks, so we wanted to share some important trick-or-treating safety tips to help ensure all of your goblins, princesses and superheroes come home safe and sound.

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Oct 11, 2018

The Challenge: Anytime, Anywhere Access, The Solution: CardValet MyMobileMoney

Eastex Credit Union is now offering the CardValet & My Mobile Money apps for our debit and credit card users. These apps provide users with a better way to manage and control their accounts right from their smartphone.

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Oct 4, 2018

There are few things in life more exciting than buying a car. In terms of transactions, it’s one of the largest most people will ever engage in.

For buyers, there are plenty of factors to consider.

What kind of car to buy is usually near the top of the list, along with the best place to buy it. And of course, the cost is important – but many people don’t stop to think how time factors into this question. Specifically, knowing the best time to buy a used car is important. The same thing is true for anyone who wants something brand new.

Knowing the best time to buy a new car or a used car can help a person capitalize on the best deals out there. Here’s some advice on the best times of the year for buyers to find those can’t-miss deals, as well as tips on how to apply for a vehicle loan and get the best payment arrangement possible.

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Oct 4, 2018

young girl holding hands out with questioning expression

Like it or not, life is full of surprises and it’s not always the good kind. Maybe you’re laid off from your job or have an accident and end up in the hospital.

Most all of us, at some point or another, will find ourselves in the midst of a life emergency, and though we all try to put money aside for the unexpected, we may still end up needing extra cash to help us get by. Nobody wants to go into extra debt but sometimes we don’t’ have a choice. So, what makes the most sense financially- a credit card or a personal loan?

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Sep 25, 2018

photo of piggy bank on top of a pile of money

No matter your age, saving money is critical to achieving any financial goal. As various expenses pile on, however, it can seem to be difficult – if not impossible – to save a substantive amount of money. However, as your list of financial goals grows, it’s important to reign in spending and identify areas which can help make saving money a priority.

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Sep 20, 2018

For Sale Sign, Green Grass, Trees, beautiful home

We’ve all been there. You read home listings, view the available photos and think you’ve found the perfect home. You schedule a showing, step through the front door and…… it’s nothing like you thought it would be.

Real estate marketing language and abbreviations can be extremely confusing to any of us that are not realtors. However, this language is used to create the most attractive listing in order to sell a home. So, we’ve decided to break down some of the commonly used (and commonly misinterpreted) terminology in the real estate world.

Cozy or charming.  Decoded: Small, cottage-like.

Contact for photos. Decoded: There is likely a reason that photos are not readily available. It may not be attractive enough to post photos.

Diamond in the rough. Decoded: The house is most likely the nicest one in the neighborhood.

Fixer-upper/ handyman special Decoded: This language is used when a house needs major repairs or renovations. Only consider buying a home like this if you are prepared to remodel and definitely plan for an inspection on these types of homes so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Highly Motivated Decoded: Sellers are ready to move as soon as possible, or they have already moved and need to sell ASAP. They likely will consider offers below asking price.

Potential Decoded: It COULD be nice with some TLC but it probably isn’t right now.

Powder Room Decoded: A two-piece bathroom consisting of a toilet and a sink. It’s usually on the first level of a multi-story home.

Recently Updated Decoded: Expect these homes to have new paint, new fixtures and maybe new flooring and that’s about it. “Updated” and “Remodeled” are not the same thing.

Starter Home Decoded: These are usually smaller homes with 3 bedrooms or less and less than 1500 square feet.

Stunning Decoded: Clean, staged and has the “wow” factor. Realtors should only use this term if the home will live up to expectations.

Traditional Decoded: Old

Unique/ One of a Kind Decoded: These homes generally have some interesting quirks that make them different.

Vintage Charm Decoded: Anything described as vintage is also old. Vintage homes can have a lot of charm with their woodwork, details and unique features; however, older homes also come with their own list of potential issues. Be sure to carefully check the plumbing, electric wiring and other functional features that may not be up to date on meeting current coding requirements.

Have you found the perfect home? Let us help make it yours!

Sep 13, 2018

If you’re a part of a military family, you are no stranger to moving and have accepted it as a normal part of life. With every move, you become more organized and more efficient – but there are always ways to improve, especially on the financial side of things! Eastex Credit Union brings you a few tips and tricks to consider prior to a big military move so you can feel confident!

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