Trending Scam Alert: Bank Jugging

bank jugging - drawing money from an atm

Eastex Credit Union wants to keep our members safe by informing them about a trending scam called Bank Jugging.

What is Bank Jugging?

Bank Jugging is a form of robbery where an individual leaving a bank or credit union lobby, drive-thru, or ATM is unknowingly targeted, followed, and robbed. A suspect will watch and follow a victim from one location to the next after they’ve made a withdraw from their account. Suspects will attempt to steal cash by breaking into vehicles or by committing an aggravated robbery.

Lobby and Parking Lot Safety Tips

  • Take note of anyone who is suspiciously hanging around inside the lobby or the outside parking lots who doesn’t appear to be occupied. Let an Eastex Credit Union representative know if you feel uneasy about a particular situation.
  • Avoid being distracted while in a financial institution. Being on a phone call, looking down to text message, or wearing earbuds can make you seem distracted and vulnerable.
  • Before leaving the counter or ATM/ITM after receiving cash, secure it in a different bag (other than the small zipper cash bags or envelopes utilized), such as a briefcase or purse.
  • When possible, avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash at once.
  • Be on the lookout for individuals who are backed into parking spaces and remain in the vehicle.
  • Lock your car doors immediately when you get into your vehicle.
  • Do not leave large amounts of money inside your vehicle.
  • Notice if any vehicles follow you out of the parking lot and continue to follow you. If you believe you are being followed from a financial institution for any length of time, call 911 or drive to the nearest police station or fire/EMS station.
  • Be unpredictable by switching up your routine. If you usually visit a branch or ATM at the same time and day of the week each week, consider mixing it up. Try a different time or day or visit a different branch/ATM to deter anyone that may be closely following your routine.

ATM/ITM Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like texting at the ATM.
  • Use ATMs that are in a well-lit area and not surrounded by bushes or shrubbery.
  • Have your ATM or debit card ready to use before you go up to use the ATM.
  • Check for a ATM card skimmer.
  • Shield your pin when using the ATM.
  • Don’t count or visually display your cash until you’re safely in your vehicle.
  • Always take your receipts or transaction records with you.
  • Immediately lock your doors when entering your vehicle.

Branch and ATM Locations

Our branches, ATMs, and ITMs are designed with your safety in mind. For a full list of Eastex Credit Union branches and ATMs including our credit union partner’s no-surcharge ATMs, click here.

As always, if you notice something suspicious, say something. Members are always encouraged to speak with Eastex Credit Union representatives as they are trained to recognize suspicious behavior and notify the proper authorities when necessary. If you feel uneasy, someone from the branch will be happy to escort you to your vehicle. Remember to stay hyper vigilant around your surroundings and space. We know you work hard for your money, and no one deserves to take that away from you!

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