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Credit Sense

Eastex's financials' goal is to help members achieve financial success while providing the best and most up-to-date financial resources. We’re excited to offer Credit Sense thru online banking – it allows you to check your credit score at any time, right from your phone or computer! The program is FREE and is a great resource to help you improve your credit score. Plus, we’ll provide you with tips on improving your score and send you special offers!

Credit Sense is available thru Online Banking!

Your credit score affects every aspect of your financial life - from loan rates to the cost of insurance. The better your score, the more you save. That’s why we’ve made it easier to monitor your credit score by offering 24/7 access to it for FREE thru online banking.

  • FREE Unlimited access to your credit score
  • FREE Monthly credit reports
  • FREE Daily credit alerts to help you monitor for fraud
  • FREE Tips for improving your score
  • FREE Opportunities to save
  • See the average credit score within in your zip code
  • Review how your credit score has changed over time
  • Initiate credit report disputes from the app

The information in your credit report affects several aspects of your life:

  • Lenders use your credit score to figure out how much interest you will pay
  • Insurance Providers use your credit score to determine your rate
  • Landlords use your credit score to assess your ability to pay rent
  • Employers use your credit score to aid in determining personal integrity and responsibility

Credit Sense FAQs

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