Membership & Benefits

Once you open an account at Eastex, you quickly find out how advantageous a credit union membership in Southeast Texas can be! Check out the numerous benefits we offer our valued members!

Credit Union vs. Bank

What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union? We’ll tell you here.

Am I Eligible?

Wondering if you’re eligible to become a member of Eastex? Here’s our criteria.

Why Choose Us

There are plenty of reason why you’ll love Eastex, and we cover a few here.

How to Join

Ready to become a member of Eastex?

About Us

Read about our history, our mission statement, and our values here.

Locations and ATMs

We’ve got plenty of convenient locations - head this way to learn where they are.


Here is the list of the rates at Eastex credit union. Look them over and let us know if you have any questions.


Here are the essential forms that members use at Eastex, from applications to PDFs.


The benefits are many and the fees are few at Eastex. Learn more about them here.

Annual Report

View the latest Annual Report.

Read more about the membership benefits we offer members on our site, or you can contact us and we’ll tell you ourselves! If you like what you learn, apply today for a credit union membership at Eastex today!

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