Share Secured Loans

Share secured loans are loans that are secured by the savings account of the loan applicant. You don’t need any type of security when applying for a share secured loan, all you need is a savings account, so this type of loan is perfect for members with low credit scores. We’ll give you the loan and then have your savings account on hold till the loan is paid off. Simple and quick!

We’re happy to offer our members some of the best share secured loans in Southeast Texas!

Who would benefit from a share secured loan from Eastex Credit Union?

First of all, you have to either live, work or worship in Hardin, Jasper, or Newton County. If you do, great – you’re already on your way to getting a share secured loan! We have plenty of loan options at Eastex, but our share secured loans are perfect for members who:

  • Have low credit scores
  • Would like to establish credit
  • Would like to raise their credit score
  • Want to keep a smart budget

Ready to enjoy the simplicity and reasonability of share secured loans in Southeast Texas?

Apply for a Share Secured Loan!

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