Certificate Rates

You can meet your long-range savings goals with investment certificates from Eastex.

Grow Your Savings With Investment Certificates from Eastex

A minimum deposit of $500 will open your account. Terms are three to 36 months. Interest is accrued and paid either monthly, quarterly or upon maturity. You also have the option to have the interest compounded in the share certificate (for a higher yield), then deposited into another Eastex CU account or mailed to you in a check.

See How Your Savings Can Increase

It’s always fun to check out how your share savings can grow, and you can do that with our interactive savings calculator.

Share Certificate TermsShare Certificate Dividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield
3 Months*500 & over1.15%1.16%
6 Months*500 & over1.45%1.46%
12 Months*500 & over4.75%4.84%
18 Months*500 & over1.40%1.41%
24 Months*500 & over1.60%1.61%
36 Months*500 & over1.55%1.56%

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