Buying a new home? Need a better vehicle? Starting up a business venture? We have an outstanding selection of loans, with affordable rates and easy-to-manage terms that will help you bring your dreams and plans to life!

Our Loans at Eastex Credit Union

We are ready and willing to finance your next big purchase! From getting a roof over your head to seating you behind the wheel of a shiny new vehicle, we can help you make it happen!

Check out our loan options below.

Auto Loans

Need a new car? Looking to purchase a used vehicle? We want to help you get behind the wheel of your next truck or car. See what our auto loan options are here.

Share Secured Loans

If you are looking to establish your credit history, raise your credit score, or just need a loan for something important, check out our share secured loans.

Personal Loans

Heading to college? Starting a business? Need some cash to last until the next pay day? Get ahead financially with a personal loan from Eastex.

Motorcycle/Boat & RV

Don’t wait till next summer to start planning your fun! You can get yourself or your family something exciting right now, with a loan from Eastex!


We’ve got the loans and the financial advisors you need to get a loan and start the home buying process. We’ll help get you through the door!

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Checked out our loans and ready to start achieving your financial goals with Eastex? Let’s get going! Apply for a loan from Eastex here!

We've got the best loans in Southeast Texas!

Don’t fall for the loan options offered by banks or dealers - they only care about pleasing shareholders and making a profit, even if that means causing you hardship. Since Eastex is a credit union, our members are also our owners, and that means we want you to succeed and we will help you do so! This means we won’t take advantage of your situation and we will provide you with the support you need to manage your loan.

Feel free to check out our different loan options or you can apply for a loan online now!
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