Safe Deposit Boxes

At Eastex’s Silsbee location, we’re proud to offer all our members the option of safe deposit boxes. Never considered using a safe deposit box before? You’re probably not aware of all the useful applications that safe deposit boxes provide.

The Benefits of Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box is made of indestructible steel with a lock for which only you hold the key. Usually rectangular in shape, they hold up under most any kind of stress condition: fire, theft and/or flooding. The secured safe deposit box can be used to keep many different items and documents safe for Eastex members, including valuable personal articles like:

  • Wills, passports, deeds, and birth certificates
  • Jewelry and precious metals
  • Currency and stocks/bonds
  • Even computer-related data that needs protection from theft, fire or flood

Security and safekeeping are top priorities at Eastex, and we’re pleased to offer you a safe way of containing and securing your valuable items.

For more information about the security of our safe deposit boxes, or to reserve a box at our Silsbee location for your personal use, contact us!

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