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For over half a century we have been serving communities in Southeast Texas with our full range of credit union products and services. We have all the features you need, with accounts and programs tailored exactly to fit the towns we serve.

Our Credit Union Products and Services

Our members find that their financial responsibilities are easier to shoulder when they use Eastex Credit Union. Check out our line of excellent products and services to see how we can best serve you!


Ready to apply for a loan? Want to review our auto, home, or vehicle loans? Perhaps you’d like to see our personal or secured loan rates? You'll find what you need right here!

Checking & Savings

From checking and savings accounts to IRAs and investment opportunities, Eastex has it all! Start seeing your money work harder for you by checking out the accounts and investment programs at Eastex.

Deposit Insurance

Eastex Credit Union is proudly insured by ASI.


We offer a range of cards to help you use and track your money responsibly. You can check out our debit, check, VISA, and gift card options here.

Other Services

It's our aim to make sure you have whatever financial tools you need to reach your goals. Online banking access, loan calculators, money orders, deposit boxes, insurance - we have the best services here!

Audio Response Teller (ART)

Eastex Credit Union is giving you more features for your telephone banking needs. It is now even easier to use. Using the system, you can now key commands to supply you with greater ease and use of this program.

Looking for a particular product or service and not finding it? We're here to help you get the answers you need, just ask us your questions!

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