Small Business Success: Partnering with Eastex Credit Union

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The Importance of Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our local communities. There are many ways that small businesses play a role in a community, including stimulating the local economies by creating jobs, encouraging economic growth, and minimizing the overall environmental impact. Small business overall is booming. In 2023 alone, a record-breaking 5.5 million new business applications were filed. With entrepreneurship on the rise, it’s more important than ever as a locally established credit union to support our home-grown businesses.

Eastex Credit Union: The Best Credit Union for Small Business

Credit unions like Eastex Credit Unions support our local businesses and are perfect for your local banking needs. There are key differences between business banking with a credit union versus a big bank. Credit unions often offer a higher deposit interest rate, competitive lending rates, fewer accounts fees, and more member benefits than big, traditional banks do.

Similarly, much like small businesses, credit unions actively engage and support local community initiatives and causes, such as local events, fundraisers, and collaborating with school districts. Credit unions even work together to allow members to thrive! Eastex Credit Union is apart of the Shared Branching Initiative. Check out our list no-surcharge credit unions partners!

Business Checking Accounts at Eastex Credit Union

We pride ourselves on being the best credit union for small business. No matter how large or small your business, Eastex Credit Union will help you every step of the way. We know that each business is unique and understand that you require quick and easy access to business funds. Eastex features three business checking accounts with a first-rate member service:

  1. Free Business Account (Best for: New businesses with limited cash flow)

This free account features no monthly service charge. Whether it’s starting you’re a new business or simply maintaining your day-to-day operations, the Eastex Free Business accounts allows you to use your money on what’s most important to you. *This account features up to 50 transactions per month.

  1. Basic Business Account (Best for: Growing businesses with consistent banking activity)

A basic business account helps to manage cash flow and allows you to focus on growing your business while making smart financial choices. *This accounts features up to 250 transactions per month.

  1. Business Account (Best for: Mature businesses with large transaction volumes)

Small booming businesses are the heart of Southeast Texas. Our business checking account offers a convenient way to handle your business transactions. *This account features up to 500 transactions per month.

Not sure which Business Checking Account is the right fit for you? Talk to one our business specialists at Eastex Credit Union to discuss more. We’re determined to help you find the right fit your business needs now and in the future!

Additional Business Products & Services at Eastex

In addition to our 3 Business Checking Accounts, we also offer a wide range of business products and services designed to help your business succeed! Check out a few of these helpful services for your everyday business banking needs:

  • Business Savings
  • Business Debt Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfers
  • Change Orders
  • Night Depository

Contact Eastex Credit Union for Your Business Banking Needs

We’re ready to help your business flourish! Whether your business is big or small, we’ve got the right fit for you at Eastex Credit Union. We understand the importance of local community support and have previously partnered with local businesses for special credit union promotions. We stick to our roots and strive to show community involvement in our day-to-day business. Let’s partner together! Contact an Eastex Credit Union representative to learn more about Business Checking Accounts and Business Services!

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