5 Reasons You Need A Home Generator

While it’s no secret that Texans take great pride in our state, there is one thing we can almost always agree on that could be seen as perhaps its greatest flaw. That flaw is the unpredictable weather that we quite often seem to experience. On an average year, Texas can experience droughts, thunderstorms, heat waves, tropical storms, hurricanes, and even freezes. Similarly, Texas is the state with the most tornadoes each year! Experiencing extreme weather in every season that causes power outages that can sometimes last for days and weeks can be stressful. We understand the importance of having a reliable backup generator and have compiled five reasons why your Texas home should have a generator.

1. Prepare for the Unknown  

While seasonal storms are often a primary purpose of why a home would lose power, there are also other scenarios that could cause outages as well. This can include human error, system overload, or rolling blackouts. Preparing against hazardous weather and against the unknown can prevent disruption from your day-to-day life.

2. Power Larger Appliances

Losing power for hours on end can wreak havoc on larger appliances that you rely on. Refrigerators, medical hardware, and cooling & heating services are a few appliances that are crucial to have. With a whole-home generator, your appliances can continue to run when the power supply goes off.

3. Maintain Home Security

Maintaining your home’s security during a blackout ensures your family’s safety. This can range from security alarms and systems to the home’s smoke and CO detectors that rely on a power source. Keeping alarms and detectors intact provides the necessary security that your home is used to functioning with.

4. Keep Your WFH Job or Business Running

There is minimal disruption in your day-to-day life when you have a whole-home generator. If you work from home or run your own business, you know that every hour without power counts. Without a generator, the inconvenience of being offline for hours on end can pose a risk to your clients and customers.

5. Power Your Peace of Mind

Homeowners can have confidence that their home is powered through an outage without skipping a beat. When an outage hits your community, a whole home generator will provide the backup power you need within seconds. The support that your home generator provides can allow support for your families’ needs. Investing in a whole-home generator ensures that you’ll have long-lasting power when you need it most.

Investing in a whole-home generator ultimately reduces the time that you spend without power. Go big and go home with a whole-home generator. At Eastex Credit Union, we make it easy to obtain a whole home generator! Our Generator Loan Special is designed to help you be weather-ready! We are proud to partner with local generator providers, Biskamp Electric and Williford & Son. Find out how we can help you finance a home generator today at 409-276-2525.

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