Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is in the air! While it’s a great time to reset and refresh your living space, it’s also a great time to review certain financial areas of your life. Maintaining your budget, spending habits, and future goals ensures that you’re in the best financial health possible. Here are some ways you can get started:

  1. Review your monthly budget. Print out statements to review spending habits and other ways your money comes in and goes out monthly. See where you might need to adjust your budget especially as you plan for future costs.
  2. Update beneficiaries. Take some time to review the beneficiaries you have listed on various accounts. Ensure that they are still accurate or assign a beneficiary if needed. You can almost always include more than one beneficiary on financial accounts, including retirement accounts. If you need to update your Eastex Credit Union beneficiaries, call the phone number listed at the bottom of this page.
  3. Review your credit report. If you’ve been putting this task off for a while, we encourage you to designate some time and review your credit report and history. Doing so can potentially stop fraud in its tracks and ensures your identity is protected. Review for credit report errors which could be costing you higher interest rates on loans and credit cards than you should be. Remember, consumers receive one free credit report a year on sites like com
  4. Simplify your debt payments. If you have multiple streams of debt – ranging from high-interest credit cards to student loans, medical loans, and more – consider consolidating debt to simplify your finances. Our loan specialists can help you review your finances and draft a solution to rid debt.
  5. Cancel unused subscriptions. Review your statement and make note of the subscriptions that come out monthly in which you don’t use. Take the necessary steps to cut ties with the subscription in order to save that money each month. This can range from subscription boxes, streaming services, to gym memberships. Happy saving!

Let us know how we can help you during the process! From updating beneficiaries on your Eastex Credit Union account, to simplifying your debt loan payments, we’re ready to assist with any questions you may have or next steps to get started. Contact us at 409-276-2525 today!

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