2 New Apps that Put You in Control of Your Money

The Challenge: Anytime, Anywhere Access, The Solution: CardValet MyMobileMoney

Eastex Credit Union is now offering the CardValet & My Mobile Money apps for our debit and credit card users. These apps provide users with a better way to manage and control their accounts right from their smartphone.

CardValet- for Credit Card Users

CardValet is a free mobile app that empowers users to take a proactive approach in deterring fraud on their credit card accounts. This app allows you to turn your card on/off, review transactions, set limits, and controls for transactions receive alerts and much more. You can set spending limits for general use or specific limits based on merchant location and/or type such as gas, groceries or retail stores. Get an extra level of security for your credit card and take comfort in knowing that if your card gets in the wrong hands, damage control can go into effect immediately. Learn more about CardValet here.

My Mobile Money- for Debit Card Users

For our debit card users, we are now offering My Mobile Money. My Mobile Money is a free mobile app that provides customizable card monitoring and controls to help you manage your account. The app allows you to turn your card on/off, set alerts and deny transactions based on merchant or transaction type or location, receive notifications of possible fraudulent transactions, and monitor and control dependent cardholders’ usage. Learn more about MyMobileMoney here.

Both of these apps are great for those that are wanting to have more control over their accounts, help deter fraud or establish or stick to a budget. Download them in your app store today!

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