Stretch Your Dollar with These Cash-Back Apps

What is a Cash-Back App?

A cash-back app is an app that gives you a rebate on a purchase or provides a coupon for an additional discount on a purchase. These rewards or rebates can be used on items such as gas, groceries, clothing, and other items you’re already buying! There are some apps that can offer points which can be redeemed on a future or subsequent purchase. Using a cash-back app allows your money to go further. Check out these apps that will help you stretch your dollar and get the most out of your purchase:


Ibotta works by letting its customers earn cash-back in stores as well as online. After downloading the app and creating an account, the app can find where you’re shopping and search for cash-back offers for that establishment. After checkout, you can claim your cash-back rewards by taking a picture of your receipt and/or scanning the item’s barcodes. From there, once your earnings reach $20, you can “cash out” via Paypal, Venmo, or other retailer gift cards such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 allows you to earn cash back on groceries and gas. Every Thursday, there are new savings opportunities. Simply add your favorite offers to your list (or items you already plan on buying,) tap redeem, and upload a picture of your receipt. Upon approval, Checkout 51 credits your accounts with Cash Back and is eligible to redeem for cash out at $20.


MyPoints has a wider range of retailers for you to earn points from such as Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon. They also offer coupons, promotional codes for websites, and the latest sales and deal events. Earn one point for every dollar you spend and redeem your points for gift cards.

Plus, MyPoints lets you earn cash for taking surveys.


Unlike the other cash-back apps listed, Shopkick is unique in that you can scan items within the store – and without purchasing – and still earn rewards, or kicks. Earn more points with purchasing items on the app or simply scan and go. Redeem a $2 gift card for every 500 points scanned.

Bonus Tips When Using Cash-Back Apps

  1. Always read the offer’s fine print. Some apps do not offer cash-back on generic store versions. It’s a good rule of thumb to double check the brand name and quantity amount specified for the offer.
  2. Run the numbers. If there is a cheaper or more cost-effective alternative to the item you’re buying, consider skipping that offer.
  3. Remember why you’re looking to pocket more cash and don’t buy unnecessary items just earn the cash-back.

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