Card Suite Lite

Card Suite Lite


Take control of your card anywhere you go!

  • FREEZE AND UNFREEZE YOUR CARD: Lost your card? Freeze it in an instant from your phone and contact your financial institution right away.
  • RECEIVE INSTANT ALERTS: Get an alert anytime your card is used, so you always know when and how your money is spent.
  • CONTROL WHERE YOUR CARDS CAN BE USED: Decide where purchases can be made and set transaction limits.
  • GET SPENDING INSIGHTS: Easily access your spending history and search for transactions.
  • REVIEW TRANSACTIONS: Monitor your finances from anywhere.

Get the App:

How to use Card Suite Lite to manage your card:

  1. Download Card Suite Lite on the app store
  2. Enter your PVB debit card details
    -Card Number
    -Expiration Date
    -3-Digit Security Code (found on back of card)
  3. Enter information on your account to confirm you are the card owner (choose one):
    -Social Security Number (SSN)
    -Date of Birth (DOB)
    -Zip Code
    -Mother’s Maiden Name

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