Why You Should Apply for the Eastex Scholarship

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Senior year is a stressful time for students, classes are still important but seniors are getting to the point where they don’t care as much. They’re ready for the next step. Acceptance letters are coming in and there is one thing students are stressing over but have a hard time coming to terms with… scholarships.

No matter what your finances are, scholarships are a necessary step into the transition of college. Scholarships are free money that you don’t have to pay back! Yes of course there’s an application process, but a little bit of your free time can give you $500- did you know that might be how much your books cost in one semester? Semester, you heard that right.

Tuition rates are high, especially if you chose to go to a private university or out of state. When students graduate they’ll be plagued with thousands of dollars in loans and (most likely) the idea of consolidating their loans doesn’t really make sense. On top of that, they’re told to just make their minimum payments until the loan is done. Terrible advice, but it’s true.

Eastex Credit Union wants to help our community and help our students succeed. We believe in our future and we want to invest in YOU. Apply for our scholarship today and you could be one step closer towards success!

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