Vacation Loans – Summer Vacations Made Possible!

Vacation loans from Eastex Credit Union!After a year’s work and trouble, all you can think of is a long and relaxing vacation. Yet, when you review your budget, you realize you cannot afford it. Before you kiss your dreams goodbye and let your loved ones down by putting their plans on hold until next year, there is one option you should consider: vacation loans!

Before you dismiss the idea thinking that the last thing you need is another load on your budget, consider the following:

  • The loan may be your only chance to offer yourself and your loved ones the possibility to recover after last year and recharge your batteries for next year;
  • The repayment will be structured in small monthly payments that you will barely feel, especially when remembering the fun you had on your vacation and hearing your loved ones recount their adventures;
  • The interest will be a small price to pay compared to the frustration and bitterness of having to spend your vacation at home, witnessing your loved ones’ disappointment and listening to your friends and neighbors’ vacation stories.

And if you have already had your share of negative experience with banks or private lenders, we have a much better option for you: credit unions. They offer a wide variety of loans and they often have far more flexible and affordable terms and conditions. Their approval procedure is simple and fast, and their loan costs are typically lower. Just check out their loans for vacation and you will see for yourself.

Credit Union Vacation Loans Explained

Various Types of Loans Addressing the Same Needs

Depending on your local credit union, you should be able to find convenient offers focusing either on vacation financing or on other closely related needs. If your idea of vacation involves sailing, fishing, swimming and diving, you could see it materialize with a boat loan.

If you would rather follow your instincts on a Harley, a motorcycle loan could help you get it. You can also acquire a home on wheels and take your loved ones on a lifetime vacation with an RV loan, or simply take a cash loan, book the plane tickets and some fancy hotel rooms on the beach and enjoy ultimate comfort in the sound of the waves.

Excellent Repayment Terms That Won’t Prevent FUTURE Dreams

When you decide to take loans for vacation, it is important to know that this decision will not jeopardize your next year’s vacation plans. That is why credit unions offer short and flexible repayment terms, adaptable to your needs and budget.

You have a minimum amount to pay every month, but paying more is always an option. You have low interest rates, established by people who understand both the importance of enjoying a nice vacation every now and then and the stress of strict budget limits.

Fast Approval, As You Have No Time to Lose

Vacation loans shouldn’t be especially difficult to acquire. After all, you’re getting the loan in order to get AWAY from all the hard work! As a member, your information has already been verified, so most of the approval procedure aims to establish the most convenient terms for you. As soon as you have submitted your application, you can start booking and packing. Not a member yet? That process is easy too! Join our credit union today!

Take All These Benefits to the Next Level with Eastex CU

A credit union with tradition and reliable members, Eastex CU has been financing unforgettable vacations under incredible terms for over five decades. You too have the opportunity to benefit from the best loan offers on the market if you become a member.

You are losing out on lifetime benefits and opportunities! Become an Eastex CU member now and gain access to the best offer of vacation loans and other financial services on the market! Thousands of members just like you can no longer imagine their life outside the union. Find out why!

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