Finance Hack – Turn bored spending into savings!

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From our Finance Hack Series:

Turn bored spending into real savings!

If you’re anything like me, you get the itch to buy something when you’re bored. You might not even realize you do it, but if you feel like taking a work break, you’ll run out for some coffee, or if you’re sitting around for 5 minutes at the gas pump you feel obliged to run in and grab a snack, probably more to pass the time than because you’re famished. Sound familiar?

So here’s the hack:

Take the money you were considering spending and transfer it into your savings account, turning your impulse spend into savings!

Even easier, if you’re a member of Eastex Credit Union, perform the transfer while you wait using Eastex’s convenient mobile app.

And voila! Savings, just like that! Now go burn off that boredom with a brisk stroll. It’s better for you anyway!

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