Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is upon us once again! We all want our kids to experience a Halloween night of all treats and no tricks, so we wanted to share some important trick-or-treating safety tips to help ensure all of your goblins, princesses and superheroes come home safe and sound.

Travel in groups. There is power in a pack. Older children should have a cell phone on them and know how to dial 911. Groups of younger kids should have several adults to keep track of everyone.

Plan your route. Make a plan of where you will trick or treat ahead of time. Stick to your neighborhood or others that you know well. Unknown streets seem extra dark and spooky on Halloween night!

Light ‘em up! Reflective face paint, glow sticks, reflective bags, even lighter-colored or bright costumes can help your little ones be seen better in the dark.

Make sure costumes fit well. Anything too big, long or baggy will make your kids more likely to trip and fall. Avoid full masks that block vision.

Under 12- stick with an adult. Trick or treating is more fun in groups and the more adults the better! Make sure you have cell phones in case of an emergency but avoid spending too much time on them and stay focused.

Follow all traffic rules. Just because it’s Halloween does not mean you can run in the street wherever you want. Automobiles will still be on the roads like any other day. Use crosswalks whenever possible and always look both ways before you cross a street.

*Drivers* Be on the lookout for trick or treaters, particularly from 5:30-9:30pm when most trick or treating occurs. Drive extra slow on neighborhood streets and stay off your phone with eyes on the road. Be prepared for something to jump out in front of you!

Check all candy. Not only should you check that all candy is sealed but also be sure to look for any potential choking hazards for younger kids (think bubble gum and hard candies). Anything with an open or torn wrapper should be thrown out. Homemade treats should also be discarded unless you know those that gave it personally.

Eastex wishes you a great (and safe!) Halloween!

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