Springtime House Maintenance Checklist


Springtime House Maintenance Checklist to Get Your House Ready for the New Season

When warmer weather arrives, it is time to think about the house maintenance tasks that you can perform during the spring. Throughout the winter, it is difficult to care for the inside AND outside of a house, but the cold winter weather and severe weather conditions can cause multiple issues for a house. Here is a checklist for springtime house maintenance.

Checklist Tip 1: Inspect a Home’s Rooftop

You should check your home’s rooftop to determine if there is any damage from heavy rain or strong winds. Use a safe extension ladder to look at the roof, making sure to avoid any utility lines. If you can take photographs of the damage, then you can talk to a professional roofer about the necessary repairs. Working on a roof is a strenuous and dangerous task, so you should hire a licensed technician to perform the job.

Checklist Tip 2: Cleaning the Rain Gutters

While you are using the extension ladder, it is a great time to clean your home’s rain gutters to remove tree leaves and other debris. The proper flow of water through the gutters can prevent damage to the siding of your home along with keeping rainwater from entering the house’s attic space. You can use a small shovel to chop out the debris that has dried in the rain gutters before using the water from a garden hose to wash away the remaining substances.

Checklist Tip 3: Prepare Your Home’s Air Conditioner

In addition to making sure that your home’s furnace is clean and has a new filter, you should check the cooling system to verify that it is working. Turn off the central heating equipment before turning on the air conditioner, making sure that the device is working optimally without making strange noises or creating a foul odor. You should check the exterior air conditioner equipment to verify that it isn’t covered with any debris that could cause it to overheat.

Checklist Tip 4: Are Your Home’s Windows Still in Good Condition?

It is important to inspect your home’s windows from the inside and the outside of the house. You should verify that no windows are broken and that the screens are not ripped. On a warm spring day, you can also squirt additional liquid caulking around the windows to keep the climate-controlled air inside your home. Replacing the window panes or the window frames is a specialized job, so if the windows are damaged, then you should call a window repair specialist for assistance.

Checklist Tip 5: Look at a Home’s Water Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Colder winter temperatures can cause problems for your home’s plumbing fixtures and water pipes. To look at the plumbing fixtures and water pipes, you will need a flashlight to see water spots on the floors or the walls. If you have a multi-story home, then you should also look at the ceilings areas that are below the fixtures in a bathroom. For exposed water pipes, you can touch the metal or plastic to find small holes that indicate that the items require replacement.

Checklist Tip 6: Washing Machine and Dryer Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to remove the lint from your dryer’s venting system so that the appliance will work better. It is possible to remove the buildup of lint from the dryer’s hose, but if the hose has degraded, then you should replace it. You should also check the rubber hoses that are located on the back of a washing machine to make sure that the items are not leaking. Follow Eastex for more helpful tips!

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