Home Maintenance Checklist

ChecklistSpring has officially sprung, and homeowners everywhere are getting outside to do some improvements and make their homes look better. For some of us, though, the to-do list can be overwhelming, and we aren’t sure where to start or what should be at the top of the priority list.  Be sure to add these items to your list of spring cleaning to-dos to maintain your home and prevent future costly repairs.

Get outside!

One of the top items on any spring maintenance list should be to thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. Walls, roof, windows, gutters, deck and chimney- winter weather can be harsh on the exterior of a home. Do a full walk-around of your property and look for anything that needs some attention.


Water stains can indicate your gutters aren’t adequately taking water away from your home. Check for any openings, damaged areas and holes that make a perfect home for critters.


Look for missing or shifted shingles or popped nails that can lead to leaks.


Could they use new weather-stripping or caulking? Any openings in windows will lead to you spending more over the summer on air conditioning and can allow water to seep into your home. Condensation on the inside of a window means your weather seal has been compromised and either the glass or the entire window will need to be replaced. If you have wooden windows, also be on the lookout for wood rot to repair before it gets out of hand.


Check the joints between the brick or stone to ensure none have fallen out. You may need to re-seal your masonry with an impermeable, water-resistant barrier material.


Weather can wreak havoc on decks, no matter what they’re made of. They’ll likely need a good pressure washing and may need to be repainted and resealed. Also, check for any warped or soft spots in the wood that should be repaired before they worsen. If any nails are sticking up, either hammer them back down or replace to avoid foot injuries.


It’s good to visually inspect gutters and check for any damage or sagging spots. Also, have them cleaned out twice a year (spring and late fall) to keep water effectively moving away from your home.

Tune up your AC

We’re entering the hottest months of the year and your air conditioning needs to be ready to perform optimally. Doing so will help you save money on energy bills by making it easier on your blower to cool your home. Replace the air filters, check hose connections and ensure drain pans are draining appropriately. Also, remove any fallen leaves or debris that may have fallen on the external unit.

Laundry Room TLC

Two of the main things here are to clean out your dryer vent and check the washing machine fill hose. Lint will escape your dryer and get stuck in the dryer trap. Cleaning it out routinely will reduce dryer times and help prevent a house fire caused by clogs. If there are any leaks or cracks in your fill hose, they can cause extensive water damage if not addressed, so it’s good to give it a good look-over every year as a preventative.

Check for leaks

From the kitchen to the bathroom, give everything a good inspection to make sure all pipes and hoses are properly sealed and check for any wetness or signs of water. Look for any cracks, leaks or other signs that could cause water damage in the future.

Happy Spring! Isn’t home ownership the best?

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