Spring Break on a Budget

Spring break at the beach

Spring break is just around the corner! Whether you’re heading to warm weather or cold weather, it’s important to know that you can still have fun while on a budget. You don’t want to come home from your vacation stressed because you may have spent too much. So, let’s talk about how we can do spring break on a budget!

Planning Ahead for Spring Break

As spring break is approaching, there is not much more time for planning. Do what you can. Plan restaurant reservations, excursions, and just day-to-day activities as ahead of time as you can to avoid stress and extra last-minute expenses.

Get a Travel Agent

Have a travel agent help you plan your entire vacation and get you the best rates. Some schools even have on-campus travel agents that can help you get special discounts!

Deals, Deals, Deals!

LOOK for DEALS. Check out sites like Restaurant.com, Groupon, and Living social for your destinations. Deals will pop up on these sites for hotels and restaurants.

Talk to Locals

This is a great idea if you’re trying to find places to go on your trip! Locals can tell you the best spots and things that are overpriced.

Skip the Souvenirs

We know it’s fun to buy souvenirs on vacation. But be honest with yourself…most of these things end up sitting in a closet when they get home. Don’t waste your money.

Know the Laws

Make sure you do some research on your destination before going! Especially if you’re going out of the country. The laws can be very different and you don’t want to get a nasty fine that follows you home.

Split Costs

If you’re going with a group of friends, this is great! You can split the costs of cars, hotels, food, etc.

Make a Packing List

We know packing is NO fun. But we advise you to make a list of everything you need to bring and don’t pack last minute. Things like sunglasses, clothes, shoes, toiletries, camera, phone charger, bathing suits, etc. This will save you from forgetting anything and having to buy it on your vacation.


Alcohol can get expensive. Different locations have different prices as well, so it’s smart to just bring your own.

Go for Walking-Distance

Vacations are so convenient when you can just walk everywhere! Pick a place where everything is close by so you don’t have to spend money on gas or a rental car.

Check with Friends/Family

You may have friends or family with a condo or house that you can use. This would save you loads of money if you do! All you would need to do is give them some money for electricity and any food you eat.

Look at Rental Sites

Go on Homestay, Airbnb or VRBO to look for places to stay. These sites have a lot of good deals!

Look up Happy Hours

Ask your hotel or look online for happy hour deals. This way, you can get your drinks for cheap and some restaurants even do happy hour food deals.


If the place you’re staying has a kitchen, make a few of your meals. It’s a lot cheaper than going to restaurants each night.

Hotel Freebies

Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast. That’s a free meal every day! Take advantage of that. Don’t let that mini-bar tempt you, though. That can be dangerous.

Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while. But you shouldn’t have to be stressed about money the whole time! Take advantage of these tips above. They will help you stay relaxed and stress-free on your vacation. We hope you all have a FUN and SAFE spring break. Share your adventures with us on our Facebook page!

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