Skip Your Loan Payment This Summer

Summer Skip-A-Payment is back at Eastex Credit Union! We’re helping our members save some extra cash this summer when you skip your June or July loan payment. Our application process is easy, with quick approvals. Simply fill out our Skip-A-Pay form and indicate which month you would like to skip, then return your completed form to any Eastex CU branch location or mail to us at: Eastex CU, PO Box 627, Evadale, TX 77615.

Here are six ways to use your skip-a-pay:

Use it towards your summer fun spending.

Easily use the extra cash on your skipped loan payment to put toward your summer fun spending. Whether you’re hitting up the pool, a concert, an amusement or a water park, your extra cash can help lead the way.

Use for travel expenses.

Your extra funds can be put towards travel expenses. A new summer wardrobe, airfare, lodging, or meals and tips can now easily be budgeted for when you skip your summer payment.

Make a purchase you’ve been putting off.

Is your refrigerator running? No joke, essential home appliances can be costly. Here’s your chance to “catch” some extra savings and use them towards upgrades and replacements.

Use the funds for back-to-school shopping.

The first day of school will be here sooner than we think. When you skip your June or July payment, you can use the extra cash to pay for back-to-school purchases, such as wardrobes, school supplies, textbooks, and more. Having a little extra cash on hand helps to lessen the burden that accompanies back-to-school shopping. Plus, be on the lookout for tax-free shopping days to get the maximum savings!

Pay down other bills.

Sometimes, we need help getting caught up. Your summer skip-a-pay can help do just that! While it may not necessarily be a “fun” purchase, it may be what is best for your finances at this time. Your extra cash can help you get caught up on other bills or maybe even allow you to pay them off early.

Treat yourself.

Sometimes it’s OK to spend money on yourself! With skip-a-pay, you can easily put the extra funds towards a favorite hobby or a big, non-essential purchase you’ve been eyeing. Rewarding and investing in yourself allows you to create a balance between being financially responsible and improving your quality of life. Treat yourself this summer with skip-a-pay!

Your skip-a-pay is available however, you need it! For any questions regarding skip-a-pay, contact an Eastex Credit Union representative.

Subject to credit approval. Loans must be at least six (6) months old and booked before December 1, 2022. This offer is not available for credit cards. If your loan payments are automatically deducted, your regular payment automatically will be deposited into your share account. Interest will accrue on all affected loans and may cause the maturity date to be extended. Program not available for delinquent loans and loans being paid by payment protection plans. If you have had 3 months of extensions this year, you do not qualify for the 2023 skip-a-payment.

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