Saving On Vet Bills

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Tips to Save on Vet Bills

There’s no doubt that our furry friends mean the world to us; they are not only an additional family member but also our best friends! With that said, we all know how expensive having a pet can be. While they are worth it, it’s important to know how to cut down on your vet bills. Below are some tips that may help.

Preventative Health Care

The cost of preventing disease is way less than the cost of treating it! We know that heartworm disease is common. So, spending money each month on heartworm medicine will be a lot cheaper than trying to treat it if your pet contracts the disease. Make sure you take your pet for regular check-ups so you can be certain about their health.

Don’t Over-Vaccinate

Talk with your vet about proper vaccination for your pet. Some vaccines only need to be given every three years. If you’re doing them every year, you may need to reevaluate.

Preventative Care Packages

Some vets will discount vaccinations, parasite control and dental care for continued business. You can either spread out the payments or pay for the package upfront.

Ask for Written Prescriptions

A lot of vets will mark up the medications they sell. Ask them for a written copy so you can shop around and hopefully find a better deal. Some veterinarians will also match online prices, which can save you a lot of money as well.

Pet Health Insurance

You never know when or if your pet might need surgery. Don’t wait for this to happen. Getting health insurance for your pet can help decrease the cost of surgery so you don’t have a more tragic situation on your hands.

Get Written Estimates

Before any service is provided for your pet, ask for a line by line estimate so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Learn At-Home Pet Maintenance

Taking care of them at home isn’t as hard as you think. Trimming nails, brushing teeth, anal gland expression, etc. can save you lots of money doing it yourself. Check out YouTube videos for reference!

Schedule Appointments

If you suspect your pet is getting sick, make an appointment with your vet. Don’t wait for the weekend and spend a significant amount at an emergency clinic.

Watch Their Weight

Keeping your pet at a normal weight is so important. Obese pets can have a lot of health issues. Make sure you are feeding them the right foods. If you aren’t sure, your vet will be happy to give you diet information for your pet.

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