Saving up for Emergencies


Saving money can be so very difficult. There always seems to be another bill. Nevertheless, developing good money management habits can help you build your wealth. We will discuss ways, methods, and tools for improving your frugality. Good savers have more control over their lives. Learn how to build up savings for unexpected emergencies.

Becoming Frugal

Savers can open bank accounts specifically designated for that purpose. Building good money management habits will enable you to gain more control over your budget. In fact, savings are integral to a healthy banking system. Originally, these provided the surplus cash that paid for new loans.

Nobody knows when Mother Nature will rage and drop a tree on their brand new car. Medical bills can bankrupt you in no time flat. These unexpected emergencies might require immediate funds to prevent the derailment of your life.

Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.

If your roof is damaged, then water might leak into your home. Hiring a carpenter to fix the roof can prevent mold and mildew growth. Therefore, it is always wise to fix these types of problems immediately.

The same is true for various diseases. Left untreated, these health problems will only worsen. Having surplus money in an emergency fund could be a lifesaver. We will discuss different ways to save money.

Develop a Budget

Write down your income and expenses. This gives you a real-world understanding of where your finances are. You also might identify key patterns.

Most people will have bills to pay at the beginning of each month. Therefore, they might be cash rich at the end of the month and cash poor at the beginning. Try to save money to smooth over any funding gaps.

Create Short Term Goal

Have a little fun developing good money management skills. Children learn by being rewarded for the small steps that they make. You can also reward yourself for achieving minor goals.

Sit down, look at your finances and determine an achievable goal. Perhaps, you might want to save $100 this month. If you do this, then reward yourself with a special dessert or coffee.

Life is about productive periods intermixed with times of rest. Just think about how you work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours. Your body recovers its energy during these sleeping hours.

The same is true for building sound money management habits. It’s not easy, so progress slowly.

Productive Hard Work

Add hours at work if possible. Of course, most people will already optimize the numbers of hours worked. So, this might not be a possibility.

Plus, this action requires the permission of another. You might not have a lot of control over how many hours you can work as an employee. Perhaps, you could make some money on the side, by doing hair or mowing lawns.

Money Saving Apps

Modern technology can help you check your heartbeat, stock prices or improve your money management skills. There is a wide variety of these money saving apps. Find one that best fits your needs.

Check out the App Store or Google Play for free apps. If you want more functionality, you can pay for the app. See what is available.

We believe that the Acorns App is top-notch. Of course, it makes all of the calculations for you. Moreover, it creates a simplistic process for moving money from one function to another.

Another easy-to-use money saving app is offered by Dollar Bird. The Dollar Bird App allows you to track your personal finance management by date. See where your expenses go – you can sort by categories.

This smartphone app displays budget managing categories, such as Past Average, This Month and Exceeded By. You get a real-time summary of how you are doing.

Add Money on Pay Day

It can be incredibly difficult, but make sure to add some money to your emergency fund on payday. Toss a $10 bill in there. This allows you to slowly build up your rainy day fund.

This is how you develop good money management skills. Gradually, savers will try to save more than they spend. Think about the vast benefits of having extra cash stored away.

Control Finances

Building up cash allows you to gain more control over your budget and your life. You don’t need to have a knee jerk reaction to any unexpected emergency. Savers can develop a long-term plan to properly manage their finances.

Improving your money management skills is not easy – it might take time. Develop a budget, short-term goal and use tools to help you develop saving habits. Remember that an emergency fund could be a lifesaver.

For more financial tips and ideas on how to better prepare for costly emergencies, stay up to date with Eastex Credit Union.

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