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Pay Bills the SIMPLE Way with Online Bill Pay

How many bills do you have to pay each month? Rent/mortgage, car loan, the internet, insurance, electricity, cell phone, credit cards, student loans, cable, and so on. Having to keep track of so many separate bills means that you are likely to be late submitting a payment on occasion, which can hurt your credit score. Many of us pay some of our bills online, but most use multiple websites to submit payments. Eastex Credit Union strives to offer products and services that can help you meet your financial obligations in an easy, convenient, and secure way. Online Bill Pay is a feature of our Online Banking that allows you to pay all of your bills from a single place, the Eastex CU website or Eastex mobile app. Online Bill Pay eliminates the hassle of writing checks each month, having to pay for postage to mail your payment, and potentially forgetting to make a payment.

Enjoy the control, security, and convenience of Bill Pay to pay ALL your bills.

  • Control. With Bill Pay, you schedule when you want each bill to be paid. You can schedule a payment days, weeks, or even a year in advance. Bill Pay helps ensure your bills are paid, even when you’re away.
  • Security. Challenge questions and a security key are used to verify your identity before you can access the secure Bill Pay website.
  • Convenience. Bill Pay eliminates the need to keep up with your payment information and payments can be made in just minutes from wherever you are. Recurring bills can also be scheduled to be paid automatically.

Getting started is EASY!

All you need to enjoy FREE Online Bill Pay is an Eastex CU checking account and Online Banking or Mobile Banking. If you need to sign up for free Online Banking, contact us or stop by a branch location.

To sign up for Online Bill Pay:

  • Login to Online Banking at the top of any page on the Eastex Credit Union website
  • Click on the Bill Pay link
  • Gather all your bills, including account numbers
  • Enter each payee’s information
  • Select when to send payment
  • Select if the payment is recurring or a single occurrence

With Bill Pay, you can pay everyone from the electric company to your child’s babysitter, or send money to a grandchild that is away at college, all from the secure Eastex CU website. Bill Pay helps keep you organized and on top of your financial obligations, so you’ll never be hit with an accidental late fee again. It also makes it easier to track where your money is going each month and when bills are due, to ensure you can make each payment and have a realistic picture of your financial situation.

Download our Mobile App TODAY

Simplify your life even more by using Bill Pay on our mobile app. Download the Eastex app on your mobile device or tablet through Google Play or the Apple Store.

With Eastex Mobile Banking you can:

  • Deposit checks
  • Check Account Balances
  • Review Transactions
  • Receive Alerts
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts
  • Check Deposits
  • And More!


We maintain the highest standards in encryption and other security features, which means you can perform your banking transactions without worrying about identity theft.

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