A New Concept in Gift-Giving

Charitable gift alternatives - A New Concept in Gift Giving!

During this time of giving, why not make it a season to remember? Instead of getting out with all of the other shoppers, standing in long lines and buying something for your family or friends that they don’t want or even might re-gift; consider doing something meaningful for them by making a contribution in their name to a favorite charity.

Consider how many billions of dollars are spent this time of year on wrapping paper that ends up in the trash and gifts that end up shoved in a closet. Now, consider how many worthy charities are in desperate need of funds? Your charitable gift alternative could make a real difference.

Everyone has something they are passionate about – the sick, the hungry, foster children, the elderly, abused animals, or cancer research, to name a few. Whatever it is that they care about, you can use that to turn your holiday stress into something meaningful.

For the parent or grandparent who has everything, donating to a charity in their name might just be the perfect gift this year. If you need a hostess gift, skip the bottle of wine and make a contribution instead to their favorite charity. Of course, your children and spouse might still like to have that special beautifully-wrapped present under the tree, but why not cut back a little on gifts and make charitable-giving part of your Holiday Traditions?

You can also let family and friends know you’d prefer gift-givers to contribute in your name to an organization you care about. Let them know how much you appreciate it and ask if you can return the favor. Start a new tradition that will truly bring joy and peace. Why not add something meaningful to the season?  Giving to worthy causes is a priceless gift.

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