Mothers Day Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas from Eastex Credit Union

Moms deserve our appreciation every day but make sure this Mother’s Day is extra special for your mom. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14th this year, and while the typical go-to gift is a store-bought card, box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers, here are some fresh ideas to consider.

  • Purchase a potted plant or herbs instead of cut flowers. Plants with their roots still attached will last much longer than a bouquet and can add some greenery to a room, or some extra flavor to a recipe. If your mom has a green thumb and enjoys gardening, pick plant species that are suitable to be replanted outdoors in her region. If your mom prefers low maintenance plants, consider planting a tree for her that has beautiful blooms in the springtime or delicious fruit in the summer. Succulents and cacti are also great low maintenance options; they come in a variety of sizes, require little attention, and do well in flowerpots.
  • Instead of buying her sweets, why not take a class together and learn how to make one of her favorites? Cooking classes are very popular right now and are offered at times that fit every schedule. Pick a class where you will learn a new skill, such as how to make French macarons or chocolate truffles, and enjoy spending a few hours together perfecting your new skill.
  • Choose an item from your mom’s bucket list and make it happen for her. Maybe she wants to sip wines at a vineyard in Napa Valley, go up in a hot-air balloon, try her hand at sailing, or attend the opera. Ask your mom what is on her bucket list and see if you can help her accomplish something she has always wanted to do.
  • Give her a hand. Your mom probably has some projects around her home that she hasn’t gotten around to doing. These can be as simple as sweeping off a patio or washing dishes after a meal, or more labor intensive, such as cleaning leaves from the gutters or painting her porch. Your mom will definitely appreciate the peace of mind you have given her by taking some items off her to-do list.

If you are still unsure what exactly to get your mom this Mother’s Day, just ask her. She may be hoping to dine at a trendy new restaurant or may prefer to spend her day relaxing at home surrounded by her loved ones. If you live in a separate town, be sure to call or video-chat with your mom on Mother’s Day just to say how much you care. Regardless of how the day is spent, just make sure that your mom knows how loved and appreciated she is.

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