How to Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

Vacation home safety tips from Eastex!

The point of going on vacation is to relax and escape from reality for a week or two. However, you still need to make sure that everything is alright at home while you are away. What can you do to keep your home safe when you are not there to protect it?

Discontinue Your Mail and Paper Delivery

A good starting point is to have the post office keep your mail there until you return. You should also cancel your paper delivery while you are away. If a thief notices that your mailbox is full or that there are multiple newspapers on your driveway, he or she will deduce that you are not home. This may make your home an easy target for those wishing to take your belongings.

Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Smart technology allows you to keep tabs on your home while you are away. Changing the temperature on the thermostat, making sure that the doors are locked and the lights are off are all important. Keeping the doors locked makes it harder to get into your house while turning the lights on and off every so often makes it look like someone is home.

Turn Your Security System On

If you have a traditional security system, make sure it is armed at all times while you are on vacation. In addition to making sure no one breaks in, it may be able to alert the fire department if there is a fire or otherwise get in touch with the authorities if necessary. This is helpful when you are hundreds of miles away and have no way to intervene on your own in case of emergency.

Turn Off the Furnace and Unplug Whatever You Won’t Use

If you are planning to be out of town for a long period of time, it may be a good idea to turn off the furnace to ensure that the house doesn’t get too hot. You may also want to drain your pipes to ensure that they don’t freeze and burst if the weather gets cold suddenly. Unplugging your television, computer, and other appliances will make it less likely that something shorts and starts a fire. Additionally, it uses less electricity and keeps your utility bills down while no one is in the home.

Have Someone Check the House While You Are Away

It may not be a bad idea to have someone check on the house while you are away. He or she should check that the pipes haven’t burst and there aren’t any signs of forced entry. While they’re at it, have them ensure that nothing has been damaged or stolen. If you have pets, it may be easier to have the same person come feed them and play with them. This will also be a lot cheaper than it would be to put them in a kennel for the weekend or for the week.

Your safety and the safety of your property should always be a top priority. Whether you are home or not, no one should be able to take or destroy what belongs to you. Taking some commonsense security measures before you leave increases the odds that everything back home is safe. This means you can relax and rest easy on your next trip.

Eastex Credit Union is all about helping our members out. Home security is such a big part of everyday life, hopefully this sort of information will help protect your investments. If you’d like info on a home loan, or other investment options, why not contact us today?

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