It’s Spring Break Time in Southeast Texas!

spring break

The arrival of spring was celebrated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and continues to be acknowledged with a week-long recess for students.  Spring Break is a welcome interlude for students, and also a great time for families to relax outside of their daily routines and obligations. Depending on your budget, Spring Break is a great time to go on a vacation, take a staycation, or volunteer your time.


Spring is a great time to visit somewhere new or revisit one of your favorite spots. The most popular choice is to head to a beach for a week of sand and sun, but there are many other vacation options. Boarding a cruise ship for a week on the high seas is a good option, especially for families, since there are activities and services for all ages. But spring break doesn’t have to be all about the beach and ocean; you could swap the swimsuit for a ski jacket and head to the mountains in Utah or Colorado for one last ski or snowboarding trip this season. If a big trip isn’t in your budget, consider going somewhere within driving distance rather than flying, or arrange to stay with a friend or family member rather than paying for a hotel. Keep in mind that early spring is usually a less expensive time to travel and lodge in many major cities in the U.S., so take advantage of the savings and you may be surprised that your ideal getaway is within your budget.


Staying home for a week can be a great way to tackle some bigger projects on your to-do list. Does the driveway need to be pressure washed, do the flowerbeds and garden need to be prepared for new plants, or do you need to clean out the attic or garage for a yard sale? A week at home can allow you the time to do these things. Don’t forget that staycations can be fun as well and be sure to do something for yourself. Check out local spots such as a museum, park, or restaurant that you have never been to, or visit loved ones that you never seem to spend enough time with because of your busy schedules. Take the opportunity to try something new, such as rock climbing or grab a bunch of friends and hit the local bowling alley. Just because you’re not traveling for spring break doesn’t mean that it can’t be memorable.


If you can’t afford a big vacation, but want to visit someplace new or help make a difference, consider having an alternative spring break. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and Projects Abroad can provide opportunities for individuals and families to volunteer on projects locally or further afield. Building houses, protecting endangered species, assisting on an archaeological dig, or providing educational support to underprivileged children are just a few of the possible assignments that are in need of people who are willing to dedicate their time. Volunteering can be a great way for students and families to learn new skills, spend time with each other and those who are different than you, and improve your own life and the lives of others in practical and long-lasting ways.

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