Hurricane Preparation Safety Tips

Hurricane season is officially here, and Eastex Credit Union wants to give you a few tips and tricks to weather the season. We care about the health and safety of our members and want you to take every step you can in protecting you and your family this season. Below are some basic steps to ensure your safety in case of a storm.

Hurricane Safety Tips:

Stock up on emergency supplies

A hurricane can cause roads to flood and prevent them from crossing and accessing items you may need. Prepare beforehand and make sure your home is stocked with any supplies you may need such as food and water supply, prescriptions and other medicines, flashlights, safety and personal items, important documents, etc.

Have a plan

Keep phone numbers handy in your home and program them into your cell phone. It’s also wise to write these numbers down somewhere in the event your cell phone’s battery dies. Know where the nearest shelter to your home is and routes you can take to get there if you need to relocate.

Know the difference between a hurricane “watch” and “warning:”

A hurricane watch means that there is a possibility of a hurricane in the area. This is usually announced 48 hours before the expected storm. A “watch” usually indicates that you have ample time to prepare your home and review your plan for evacuation, if necessary.

A hurricane warning is more serious. It means that a storm is expected in the area and is usually announced 38 hours prior to when they expect the storm.

Prepare your car

Make sure to fill your gas tank, move it into the garage and always keep an emergency kit in your trunk. It’s a good idea to review your insurance policy and ensure you are covered in the event of a flood or damage. If you don’t own a car, contact friends and family for help.

Get your family and pets ready

Sit down with your family and make sure they know your emergency plan. Continue to check for updates on the storm and contact the police department, hospitals, and public health department for advice if you have a loved one that’s disabled. Find a safe place for your pets and farm animals.

Get your home hurricane safety ready

Move anything from your yard that could blow away and cause damage. Cover up windows and doors and be ready to turn power off. Make sure you have water in case you lose your water supply. Check your carbon monoxide detectors battery to avoid CO poisoning. Know where your emergency water shut off is located.

Be prepared to evacuate or stay home

Authorities may announce that you need to evacuate your homes. Do not ignore this. You may think your home can uphold the storm but don’t take the chance. If you get an order to stay at home, this means driving conditions may be too dangerous and you will be safer at home.

If you evacuate: Remember to grab your emergency supply kit and unplug any appliances. Take roads that are recommended by emergency workers and do not try to drive through flooded areas.

If you stay home: Make sure your emergency supply kit is in an easy to reach place and keep listing for updates on the storm. Stay inside, away from windows and be ready to leave. If your home gets damaged, you may need to call a neighbor or go to a shelter.

Eastex CU encourages you to follow these steps above in preparing for a hurricane. You can’t stop a storm from coming, but you can take the steps to protect you and your family. Find out steps you can take to stay safe after the hurricane.

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