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Sure, vacationing can be done on the cheap. Some budget travelers can get by on a dime with backpacks, hostels, and nothing more than a loaf of bread for the day. That’s not exactly every journeyer’s dream scenario. For many people, vacationing isn’t about sweat and work; it’s about an escape – a comfortable, welcoming escape. One perfect way to travel in this style is to hit the open road in an amenities-packed and luxury recreational vehicle (RV). Of course, RVs aren’t exactly budget travel, which is why an affordable credit union RV loan might be the best option for you.

Speaking of Options

Options, options, options. You can’t look at a car or car advertisement now without being bombarded by an overwhelming list of gadgets, bells, and whistles. Trims, hand-stitched leather seats, infotainment packages, WiFi, moonroofs, and on and on – the choices you have to make before you can sign on the dotted line are endless. Do you want to know why? Every automaker and dealership salesman worth their salt knows that it’s the options where the real money lies.

If you think there are a lot of options and features to select on a sedan, just wait until you’re ready to research and purchase an RV. When you’re choosing an RV, you’re not just thinking about how to better survive the daily commute. An RV is all about living. How do you want to live? Where do you want to live? What do you need to live the life you want to live? These are some of the questions you’re tackling when looking at an RV.

Once you make all the decisions about the RV itself, another world of choices opens up to overwhelm you: the world of RV accessories.

Five RV Must-Haves For Traveling Right

So, where do you start? The answer to that is: it’s really up to you. An RV can be as individual and customizable – oftentimes more so – than an apartment or house. RV Loans come in many shapes and sizes also. Of course, there are a few essentials that you should be on the lookout for independent of any cosmetic or structural features on the table.

Here are five accessories that should be top-priority when considering RV travel:

1. Solar Charger. If you plan on taking a smartphone, laptop, tablet, handheld GPS, walkie-talkies, or any other chargeable electronic device, you’re going to need power. Rather than drain an on-board 12volt or rely on a campsite’s highly-demanded and not-always-available electricity, let mother nature make your own.
2. Tankless Compressor. Almost nothing ruins good gas mileage like deflating tires. A compressor will allow you to top off when you can’t reach a gas station. Plus you can use it on bike tires, inner tubes, or even to clean and – with the right attachments – paint.
3. Toolkit. The trick is to bring what you need without bringing too much. Multi-purpose tools need to be great for repairs, cutting wood, and more.
4. The Right Mattress. Don’t ever leave the driveway without first trying the mattress that comes with your new or used RV. If you don’t feel comfortable now, you definitely won’t after a long day behind the wheel.
5. The Right Chair. Once you reach a viewpoint or campsite, once you finally park under a beautiful sunset, you’re going to need something comfortable from which to enjoy the view. Get something foldable, breathable, and cushioned.

Finding your RV build and accessory preferences is a big step to getting going. Perhaps most important, though, are the finance options available to you. When you buy your RV with an RV loan from Eastex Credit Union, you can shop for low, flexible rates and plans. With Eastex CU, your dream vacation doesn’t have to be your last.

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