Go Green With Eastex This Saint Patrick’s Day

multiple four leaf clovers

For Saint Patrick’s Day this year, in addition to wearing green to avoid being pinched, consider going green as well. We’re not suggesting that you paint yourself green, we’re simply giving you some ideas of easy things you can do to be more environmentally-friendly. Go green with Eastex with these helpful everyday tips!

  • Support your local farmers. Buying locally produced foods helps to cut down on pollution by reducing the transportation requirements needed to bring the item to you. This is also a great way to meet the growers in your area and ensure you are eating the freshest available fruits and veggies.
  • Generate less waste. Find ways that you can reduce how much garbage your household creates. Some easy ones to try are switching from plastic water bottles to a sturdy reusable tumbler, composting food scraps to make a rich soil for your garden or flowerbeds, using real plates rather than disposable ones, and donating gently used items you no longer want to a local thrift store or charity rather than tossing them in the trash.
  • Borrow or rent instead of buying. If you have a project that requires special equipment, see if you can borrow it from an acquaintance or rent it from a store. Special events, such as weddings and proms, are also a time when there are options to rent everything from dresses and accessories to decorations.
  • Share your Leftovers. Prior to your next big family reunion, quinceañera, or annual crawfish boil, have a plan for what to do with the inevitable leftovers. You can ask your church or food bank if there is someone who might appreciate having a meal delivered to them, send a plate home with each guest, and deliver each of your neighbors a slice of cake. If you used fresh flowers for your event, afterward you can deliver them to nursing homes and hospitals to help brighten up someone’s day.

You can Go Green at Eastex CU too!

We believe that taking care of our members means taking care of our community too!

  • Bank Online. Save fuel by making transfers, viewing your statements, and applying for a loan or new account online, safely and securely.
  • Sign-Up for E-Statements. Ditch the paper and get electronic statements instead.
  • Use Mobile Deposit. Save paper and fuel by downloading the Android or iPhone app and using Eastex CU Mobile Deposit feature. With it, you can securely deposit checks into your checking or savings by simply taking a photo.
  • If your employer offers direct deposit, sign up. You can skip a trip to the credit union on payday and have your payroll deposited directly into your account.

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