Low Cost Ways To Get In Shape

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Now that the new year has begun, many of us are trying to get in shape. Getting in shape is something most of us struggle with, especially with the expense. We are here to tell you that there are ways to get in shape without breaking the bank. It’s easy to make excuses for yourself when it comes to getting fit. Make 2020 a different year without those excuses. Here are some tips on how you can get fit without hurting your bank account:

Say Goodbye to Your Expensive Gym Membership

You don’t HAVE to go to the gym to get in shape. Gym memberships can be very expensive. Only keep your membership if you get your moneys worth and go all the time. It’s not worth going to the gym to run on the treadmill. Go on a run in your neighborhood or a nearby park. After that, you can do some in-home exercises. There are many videos you can find online that provide you with many workouts you can do in the comfort of your home.

Ignore the Diet Ads

There are so many advertisements out there of people trying to sell you diet pills and supplements. These DO NOT work. Do not fall for these kinds of advertisements. They reel you in by telling you that you’ll be down 50 pounds in a month. That won’t happen, nor is that healthy. Don’t waste your money on a scam. Go buy veggies, fruit, and protein at the grocery store.

Plan Your Meals

Have your meals planned out before your week starts. Then, go get only the items you need at the store. Waiting until the last minute to decide what you want for dinner won’t do you any good. By that time, you are so hungry that you don’t care what you eat. You will be more likely to eat junk food if you do that. Eating out is also way more expensive.

Set Realistic Goals

Getting in shape is all about having patience. We know you want to lose the weight immediately, but you have to take it slow. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Being organized will help you save money as well.

Tell a Friend

If you’re worried about you might lose focus on your goal, tell a friend. This is someone who can hold you accountable. Choose someone that will motivate you. Maybe they will even want to do it with you! Then you will have a workout buddy and you can hold each other accountable.

Losing weight is NOT easy. Especially when you have so many temptations around you. We’re here to tell you that you CAN do it, and you DON’T have to break your bank in the process! No more excuses. Make 2020 a happy and healthy year.

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