Digital Wallet: A Secure Way to Pay

Digital Wallets

At Eastex Credit Union, we’re always searching for ways to make your finances more convenient. One way you can take advantage of Eastex services is to use a digital wallet at the check out line! With Apple and Google Pay, you can easily make on-the-go purchases with convenience and security. Skip the swipe of your debit and credit cards and simply tap to pay at the register. It’s easier than ever to add your Eastex VISA and debit card to your digital wallet!

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet acts as a physical wallet, but it is stored on your personal electronic device (oftentimes a phone or tablet). You’ve likely heard of at least one digital wallet before, such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay™. Much like a physical wallet, a digital wallet can be loaded with various payment methods, such as a credit card or debit card. Every digital wallet will have a slightly different method of adding payment methods, but the general idea remains the same – you will input all the card information into your digital wallet, then select that pre-uploaded payment option when it comes time to make a payment. Digital wallets utilize contactless tap-to-pay technology, meaning you can use them whenever you would otherwise be able to tap your card to pay.

3 Advantages of a Digital Wallet:

  1. Carry around fewer cards

A digital wallet eliminates the need to carry numerous payment methods around. This keeps your pockets lighter and offers peace of mind, as you no longer need to keep track of all those physical cards when you’re out and about.

  1. Checkout faster

All your payment methods are in one convenient location when stored in a digital wallet. This helps to reduce the time searching for the correct card and allows you to checkout faster. The convenience of having all cards in one place can bring organization to your financial life. Plus, if you’re shopping online, you can access your stored card information immediately, rather than entering it manually.

  1. Available at most retailers

Digital wallets can be used wherever you see the contactless payment symbol. These can be found in stores, in apps, or online at most websites.

A Secure and Safe Way to Pay

In the event your device containing your digital wallet was lost or stolen, anyone attempting to use your digital wallet would need to unlock your device first. If you’ve set your device up with security measures such as fingerprint login or two-factor authentication, this will likely prove to be a very difficult task. Much like a physical wallet, anyone who comes into possession of your wallet would be able to use your cards until they’re frozen. Consumers don’t lose out on any of the security measures you have when using your cards outside a digital wallet. Many credit and debit cards come with some degree of fraud protection even with a digital wallet. Learn more about how to set up a digital wallet, the advantages they bring and how they help keep your payments secure at our website.

Eastex Credit Union is always working stay ahead of fraudsters as well as finding ways to protect our members. You can count on Mobile Wallet, and the various payment methods detailed above as secure and convenient ways to transact in your daily life!

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