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Choosing the right savings plan can lead to long-term financial security and the ability to make major purchases with greater ease. At Eastex, we pride ourselves in providing our members with a wide range of financial options as well as a level of personalized service that is simply unavailable through other financial institutions. Our members have access to the loan options, membership benefits, and savings plans that have been tailored to ensure they are able to achieve their long-term financial goals. From planning for retirement to buying a new home, customized savings plans can play a major role in planning a more comfortable and secure future.

Personalized Service

Everyone has different needs and prepackaged financial service options that may be ideal for one member may not be the best solution for another. Eastex provides our members with the personalized level of service needed to address almost any financial concern or issue. The guidance and assistance of a friendly and experienced financial professional can be essential when it comes to exploring different financial options and finding those that will be better suited to individual needs, circumstances and long-term goals. Dealing with a financial institution that fails to provide its members with quality service and personalized assistance can lead to no end of problems and issues.

Flexible Loans

Even the largest savings accounts may not always provide the financial resources needed to deal with every situation or to pursue the most rewarding opportunities. With loan options that include mortgage financing, auto loans and even share secured loans to rebuilt credit history, arranging for financial assistance or increasing purchasing power can be done quickly and easily. Flexible terms, lower interest rates, and the right repayment options help to ensure that loans and financial assistance can be made available without creating unnecessary financial strain.

Financial Planning Services

Planning for the future can be a daunting undertaking, especially for those who have little financial knowledge or experience. Working alongside an experienced financial professional can ensure that getting out of debt, creating the right investment portfolio or dealing with any financial issues that may have long-term consequences can be done with far greater ease and success. We provide all new members with an experienced representative to assist them by explaining all aspects of the sign-up process, ensuring that all of our members have access to a personalized level of service and quality assistance right from the very beginning.

Customized Savings Plan

Selecting the right savings plan shouldn’t be left to chance. From basic savings accounts, IRAs, and investment opportunities, Eastex has savings plans able to fit a wide variety of needs and circumstances. From plans that offer higher interest rates to options that allow for more convenient and frequent withdrawals, personalized options and customized plans can make it much easier to build and maintain savings.

If you’re interested in coming up with a custom savings plan, Eastex can help. Your financial health is the most important thing. We’d love to meet with you at one of our locations and get you set up with a plan that will lead to real savings.

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