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This isn’t going to be your typical message from a credit union. It’s probably going to be a little too personal. It might be a little too familiar. Believe us, though, it comes from the heart. This is important. This is what we’re really all about. You’ll hear that credit unions in Southeast Texas and elsewhere provide better customer service than other financial institutions. You’ll hear that because we’re not-for-profit we can offer our members lower rates and higher returns. What you may not know, though, is why our people stay with us. We’re a family out here in Southeast Texas. As a Southeast Texas Credit union, we’re proud to be part of the community. And there’s a really good reason for that.

The History Of Community

A group of people driven by similar purposes has changed history over and over again. Really, it’s the only thing that ever has. Every great leader was raised by someone else. Every scientist learned from others. Every super-performing athlete developed their skills under the tutelage of coaches, more experienced athletes in their field, and (likely with the support of) family or friends.

One interesting thing about these groups is the variation of their backgrounds, dreams, education, ethnicities, and beliefs. Nonetheless, they came together. That’s what community is; it’s that come-togetherness that defies prejudices and defines true support.

Why Bother With One Another

In the past, communities were formed for protection, for the division of work responsibilities, for protest, for support, for survival, for revolution, for invention, and for many other reasons – some life-changing and some just for convenience.

A feeling of association and togetherness has been well-documented as one of the main influences of happiness over and over again. The inverse – a feeling of isolation and loneliness – has also been thoroughly shown to introduce depression and anxiety.

That’s not all. Effective teamwork has been shown to reduce stress, and provide greater results in less time than individual effort. Our power to build and produce doesn’t just double when we work together, it grows exponentially.

Here’s one more thing to contemplate: a community is a living thing. In order to survive, a community has to learn, adapt, and grow. That means it has to accept new members with new talents and new backgrounds – like a family.

Community And Finances

That may not be a combination you think of when considering the concept of togetherness, but it should be. At Eastex Credit Union, it will be. We know that finances can be tricky, and scary. We know what it’s like to stress about that next round of bills. We’ve taken hits to our 401k’s and worried about our children’s college funds. We’ve also celebrated raises and promotions, and been so excited to finally pay off that home mortgage.

The bottom line is we know you. In fact, we pride ourselves in getting to personally know our members. We don’t think we’d be able to provide you with the flexible and customizable financial products and packages we offer if we didn’t know you well.

We’ll look forward to that new boat or family vacation with you. We’ll help you with savings or refinancing. And we’ll do it all with an open door and a friendly smile. It’s our pleasure to serve you, and to be a part of your community.

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