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Are you looking to buy a boat this summer? Whether you plan to relax by paddling down the Neches River in a kayak or fishing from your vessel in the Gulf, the choosing the right boat should be determined by its intended use and your interests. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your watercraft:

What activities are you interested in? Is the main purpose of your watercraft going to be freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, watersports, sailing, overnight cruising, jet-skiing, or day cruising? Where you want to go and what you want to do determines the type of watercraft you will need.

How many people do you want in your boat? Do you want to buy a boat that you can easily manage by yourself or do you want to be able to entertain 20 people on it at one time? The number of people you want in your boat determines the type and size of a boat that will fit your needs.

How long do you want your boat to be? Do you need sleeping quarters and a kitchen, or do you just need somewhere to sit while casting your line out into the lake? The longer the boat, the more expensive it is to moor and dry dock, as well as gas up and maintain. Be realistic about your needs when deciding how long your boat should be.

What type of engine would you like? Watercraft can be equipped with an outboard engine, inboard engine, sterndrive engine, jet propulsion, sail power, or be man powered. When you are looking to buy a boat, always consider the type of engine as it determines the power and speed your boat will have.

How do you want to transport and store your watercraft? Do you want to buy a boat that you can keep at a marina or in your driveway on a trailer? Do you have a vehicle capable of towing your desired boat? Are there homeowners association or local guidelines prohibiting you from keeping a watercraft on your property? If you have a dock, is it the correct size for the vessel you wish to buy? How you wish to transport and store your watercraft should factor heavily into your boat selecting decision.

Types of Watercraft

Motored watercraft are typically divided into the categories of cruising, fishing, and watersports.

Cruising: You buy a boat of this type is if you want to relax and entertain on the water. Cruisers are favored by many because of their versatility in size and function and customizable features.

  • Sailboats: Either partly or entirely wind-powered, sailboats can range from eight to eighty feet in length. A small one is ideal if you want to be able to go on solo trips, while larger vessels may require a crew of several people.
  • Pontoon Boats: Pontoons are great for calmer water and are a great option if you want a budget-friendly boat that can accommodate a dozen or more passengers.
  • Bowrider Boats: These are a popular option for those who like to enjoy a variety of activities while on the water. Bowriders are specially constructed to offer seating in the front of the boat, thus the name, and many offer features such as a swim platform and tow hooks.
  • Trawler Boats: Trawlers have a rounded bottom displacement hull, which allows for smoother maneuvering through the water, which saves fuel. Trawlers are perfect for long weekends or even a trip around the globe; their maneuverability makes it an easy watercraft for a crew of two to handle.
  • House Boats: Houseboats are made for entertaining and cruising at a relaxed pace. They offer broad floorplans, roomy sleeping accommodations, and can have a variety of amenities such as a sun deck, top of the line kitchen, or waterslide.

Fishing: If your primary reason for purchasing a boat is to reel in a big catch, this type of watercraft is for you. These boats have open cockpits in the rear, which allows for more room at the bow for fishing.

  • Bass Boats: If you want a boat that will let you fish in shallow water, the bass boat is a good choice. They typically accommodate three people and is best suited for angling bass.
  • Center Console Boats: If you plan to use your boat for fishing trips in rough salt or fresh water, this boat would be ideal. These are powerful boats designed for easy cleanup after filleting the day’s catch.
  • Sport-fishing Boats: If you want to head offshore for your fishing excursions, this is a great option. Sport-fishing boats are equipped with specialized gear for finding and assisting with your next big catch, and they have a great cruising speed.

Watersports: These boats are generally faster than other types of boats and have the power to easily tow water skiers, tubers, and wake boarders.

  • Ski and Wakeboard Boats: These boats have powerful engines and can tow one or more water skiers, or are designed to create large wakes for a wakeboarder to maneuver between.
  • Jet Skis: These are more affordable than a boat and usually can seat two or three people, or tow a water skier. This is a great option for quick trips on the water and maneuvering a trailer with a personal watercraft is much easier than with a larger boat.

Finance Your Boat or Jet Ski with Eastex

If you are thinking about buying any type of boat, the main things to consider are cost, convenience, functionality, features, maintenance, and storage. In order to enjoy your boat, you must be able to afford to buy it and maintain it. If you have decided which boat is right for you, let Eastex help you finance it. We offer fixed rate loans with fixed terms for new and used boats and jet skis. Call one of our friendly loan specialists at (866)445-9622 to schedule a time to stop in and see how we can help get you in the captain’s seat, or apply online.

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