Budget Tools to Improve Your Finances


Helping You Budget 

Planning for your future or just curious about how much interest you will pay over the life of your loan. Eastex has budget tools like savings, retirement, mortgage, and auto loan calculators to help you plan for tomorrow and your future.

Savings Calculator

The first budgeting online tool is a savings calculator. Whether you have a goal in mind or you just like to save, this tool has you covered. You can input the beginning amount that you saved or invested, the total number of years you are planning to save. Next, what you believe you should receive interest wise (rate of return), and how often your savings are compounded. Add to this any other contributions you plan to make and how often and this tool will show you what you should have at the end of any period. Remember that if you are saving, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

Retirement Calculator

The second online tool we offer is a retirement calculator. Do you know how to plan for a secure retirement? This tool can show you what you should do to make your retirement plan come true and if it can be done. With this tool, you can review your savings balance for retirement and your withdrawals every year until the end of retirement. In addition, remember that Social Security is figured based on your income. This retirement tool helps you not worry so much about retirement numbers and allows you to focus on more important things, such as time for children and grandchildren.

Mortgage Calculator

Eastex also offers an easy to use mortgage calculator. Whether you are buying a home and financing it or have paid on your home for a while, this tool can help. You can know instantly how much interest you are paying with each payment and how much principal you still owe. This tool will also show you the impact of any prepayments of principal. This tool needs to know the balance or expected balance on your mortgage plus other available details. You can even choose how you want the amortization to display, annually or monthly.

Auto Loan Calculator

The last online budget tool we offer is an auto loan calculator. Everyone needs a car, the big question most of the time is how much car. Using this calculator, you can enter current information about your loan. The calculator will display graph options so you can see how different variables such as time financed affects the loan. One can also see a complete amortization schedule so you can schedule any extra payments into your budget. The tool also has an option for sales tax calculation and/or trade-ins.

One of our goals here at Eastex Credit Union is to help you achieve your goals, whether these goals are next week, next year, or in retirement. The budget tools we offer online can help. For further help, stop by any of our branch locations or contact us anytime!

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