Back to School Saving Tips

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Although it may seem too early to start thinking about school again (didn’t summer just start?!), one of the best ways to get the most savings is to start preparing early. For many families, it may be difficult to make a large purchase at once, especially for multiple students. Eastex Credit Union has compiled a few helpful tips to avoid overspending when getting your children ready for the new school year!

Do an Inventory of Usable Supplies

One of the easiest ways to lose money from buying school supplies is purchasing items that you already have somewhere in the house! While it may be tempting to provide all new supplies for each new year, there are certainly some items that can be reused, such as staplers, pens, and even folders if they are still in good condition. Be sure to do an ink test for all of their pens and markers to make sure they are in good working condition to continue to use this year! Cutting down on these costs can save money overall, or help provide some extra funds for items you may need to buy year after year, such as backpacks and uniforms.

End-of-Summer Sales

Plenty of stores are already starting to display school supplies with heavy discounts. In order to save money when shopping, be sure to make a list prior and stick to it! The school supplies displays are created to grab your attention, so resist the urge and only purchase what your child needs for school. Similarly, be sure to price check some supplies online to ensure you’re getting the best price available!

Get Rewards for Purchasing Supplies

Using your credit card correctly and responsibly is important if you want to maintain a healthy credit score and a manageable balance. It’s also important to choose a credit card that provides rewards such as cash back, points, or lower fees. Applying for a credit card from a credit union like Eastex can often provide you with better rewards than big banks, ultimately saving you money. Utilizing a credit card when buying school supplies is a great way to make a large purchase without hurting your weekly budget while also receiving awesome rewards in return.

Don’t Forget Lunches!

A big part of back to school expenses comes from preparing lunches daily for your students. To avoid unnecessarily spending money on daily lunches, try some of the following tips:

  • Get a reusable lunchbox, food containers and utensils to avoid continually paying for baggies and paper bags (you’ll also be helping the environment, too!)
  • Mealplan – it’s not just for adults! Creating and sticking to a pre-planned schedule can help avoid wasting food by preparing just the right amount of servings, and avoid having to pay for school lunches in the cafeteria.
  • Buy in bulk – if possible, buying food in bulk can cut down on the cost per unit. Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club often have bulk items that could come in handy, like chips or beverages.

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