Avoid a Lemon


Have you ever purchased a vehicle only to find out months later it was involved in a wreck before you bought it? Or even worse, a flood?  Sure, it can happen, but there is good news!  By asking the right questions upfront, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and hard earned dollars before making the wrong purchase!

Ask the Right Questions

So, you found the perfect car to fit your needs.  Whether you found the vehicle from an individual or from a dealership, it is always a good idea to check it out thoroughly. Take note of these detailed questions to ask:

  • How many miles does the vehicle have on it? It’s good to note that a vehicle with a lot of highway miles is likely to be in better condition than one with mostly in-town miles.
  • Is the seller the original owner? If the car has changed hands many times, it’s good to be cautious.
  • Does the car have any special features? Ask about these to be sure all the features are working properly.
  • Ask for service records – oil change receipts, tire rotation, etc. This will give you some insight into how the owner cared for the vehicle.
  • Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? If so, what kind? If it was a major crash, it might affect your decision on purchasing it.

Inspect the Vehicle Carefully

Checking the vehicle for body damage and imperfections is an important step in the inspection process.

Take your time and look carefully over the exterior of the vehicle.  You’ll want to look for things like rust, scratches, hail damage and dents. Another important step is to look for color variations in the paint.  It’s possible that the vehicle has a door panel that is a slightly different color than the rest of the car, which could indicate a poor repair job.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty and look under the car!  Check out the floor of the garage where it was kept or the driveway where it was parked. Look for gas, oil or other fluid spills.  These could be a sign of trouble.

Take the vehicle to your local body shop.  They might do an inspection of the vehicle for you as a favor, but even if you have to pay a little, it may be worth it in the long run.

Time to Purchase

Once you’ve done your homework, found the vehicle that passes all inspections and you’re ready to buy, we’re here to help!  Take a look at our current rates and use our online calculator to estimate your monthly payments. Next, just contact us to get your preapproval, and you’re on your way to getting behind the wheel of your new car.

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