Actual Cost of Owning a Swimming Pool

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Texas is known for having long, hot summers and the best way to cool down on a hot day is swimming. As the temperature soars in the 90s and you are scouting out the nearest swimming hole, you might start dreaming about having your own backyard pool. Let’s dive into the financial costs that come with owning a swimming pool, which primarily fall into three categories: initial investment, ongoing maintenance, and insurance.

Initial Investment of Owning a Swimming Pool

The amount of money you will be spending initially depends on the type of pool you want. The typical above ground pool costs less than $5,000, whereas inground pools that require heavy machinery to excavate the pool’s spot cost between $15,000-40,000 and higher, depending on the pool’s size and if the basic material used is vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. The pool’s pump and decorative features, such as the shape of the pool, light fixtures, decorative tiles, diving boards, and slides will also add to the initial cost of installing a pool, as can fences and locks that are required for compliance with local safety codes.

Ongoing Maintenance

Pool maintenance must be performed regularly to avoid having a backyard frog pond and mosquito habitat. Pools require frequent skimming to remove leaves and other debris that can clog the filter and vacuuming the things that have settled to the bottom of the pool. The sides of the pool need to be brushed prior to vacuuming to prevent build-up on the walls, and the pool filters need to be cleaned regularly. The water level needs to be maintained at the proper depth and will require refilling as necessary due to evaporation by the sun and water displacement from epic cannonballs. The pool water will require chemicals to maintain a balanced pH, and shock treatments will be necessary to reduce the ammonia and nitrogen that builds up over time. There are additional costs and maintenance that must be done when winterizing your pool after the swimming season, and prior to opening the pool. When problems, such as leaks, broken filters, and damaged pump motors occur, they can be pricey to repair. You should expect to spend between $100-300 each month for regular maintenance and budgeting for possible repairs is a good idea.

Insurance and Other Costs

When you have a backyard pool, you should expect to pay more for your home owner’s insurance. You will likely be required to have a certain level of liability coverage by your home insurance provider, due to the increased risk associated with owning a pool. Checking with your insurance provider should be the first step you take when looking into installing a pool in your yard. They will be able to give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend in your area and can put you in touch with reliable pool companies. Additional costs associated with pool ownership are higher electricity and water bills each month. The pool requires electricity to run its pump, filter, heater, and vacuum and water is needed to initially fill the pool and then to maintain the appropriate water level.

If your yard is not suitable for a pool, you might consider looking for properties that already have a pool. If you are interested in a property with a pool, be sure to have it inspected by a professional prior to signing the contract. Also, keep in mind that you do not always recoup the amount spent on a pool when you sell the house. While some people see a backyard pool as a selling point, others don’t see it as value-enhancing. If the costs associated with owning a pool are prohibitive, considering joining a community pool for a place to cool off while spending a fraction of what having your own pool would cost.

If you have carefully considered the costs and are ready to suit up and jump into your own pool, let Eastex Credit Union help with the financing. Speak with one of our friendly loan specialists by calling 866-445-9622 or come see us at any of our branch locations.

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