5 Perfect White Elephant Gift Ideas in 2018

Holiday parties and gatherings are coming up, and many feature a fun twist on traditional gift-giving. Rather than purchasing individual gifts for everyone, families and companies have started to instead participate in “White Elephant” gift exchanges, which are less personalized, but also much less costly!

Are you stuck for ideas on what to get for your next White Elephant gift exchange? Read below for some low-cost presents that will be a hit. The trick is to think of presents that could conceivably work with ANYONE in your group – so gender- or size-specific presents aren’t necessarily the best idea.

Where to Start with White Elephant Gifts? Read below!

Holiday or Themed Cookbook

If the recipient doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking, chances are there’s someone in their family who does! Some great ideas could include winter-themed cookbooks, or even books that contain easy lunch recipes to bring to work, such as the Brown Bag Lunch Cookbook. You can help the recipient start off 2019 with the gift of delicious food!

Gift Card to Nearby Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Speaking of food, if you and your coworkers enjoy going out to eat for lunch every so often, why not pick up a $20 gift card to a popular eatery or coffee shop nearby? If you are doing a gift exchange with family, pick a universally-loved place, or something that is more centrally located.

Foot Rest with Headphones Holder

Sure to be popular with the office crowd, this comfortable foot hammock comes with an additional hanger for their headphones. Assembly is very easy and non-permanent, so your coworkers, family or friends can be more comfortable in their office during the day. We guarantee they’ll be the only one with this kind of contraption!

Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Scratch-offs have been a popular suggestion for White Elephant exchanges over the years, and their popularity hasn’t decreased in 2018. Scratch-off lottery tickets are a great and fun idea for any get-together, and will surely be fought over for the mystery of hopefully winning some money! Even if none of the tickets are winners, it’s still a great and unique idea that will have everyone excited.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Let’s face it – our backs and necks hurt all the time. With the increased amount of time spent looking at our mobile devices and computers, our posture isn’t the best, and sore muscles are the result. A lovely memory foam pillow that can be used on planes, busses, or even just used at home or the office, would be a present many people will fight over! Give the gift of soothed muscles for 2019!

While some White Elephant gift exchanges may be themed for more silly present ideas, we have tailored this list to include gifts that could work in any setting, whether personal or professional. Regardless, White Elephant is a great way to start off 2019 on the right financial foot, as you are purchasing only one present rather than multiple!

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