7 Credit Card Tips

credit card tips

7 Credit Card Tips You Should Know

Using a credit card for everyday purchases is something most of us do. Credit cards are convenient and can help build your credit score. It’s important to make sure you’re using your card the right way! Below are 7 tips you should know about credit cards.

Balance Alerts

Keeping track of your spending is a MUST. Most credit card issuers have the option of setting up alerts via text or email to let you know how much you’ve spent. Check out cardvalet.com to easily manage your cards and ensure you make your payments on time.

Spending Analysis Tools

This is a great tool to use! It allows you to see how much you’re spending, broken down into categories (restaurants, travel, merchandise, etc.). That way, you can see where you need to cut back on your spending.

Mid-Cycle Payments

Every month, the three major credit bureaus get information about your account from your credit card issuer. This can be sent at any time during the month. If you are charging frequently to your credit card each month, making payments mid-cycle will help keep your credit utilization score lower.

Rewards Cards

This is for you online shoppers. Using your credit cards rewards mall when making a purchase is a great way to earn extra rewards on everything you spend. Check out uchooserewards.com and earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. Redeemable for cash, merchandise, gift cards and more.

Change your Due Date

Missing a credit card payment is something you don’t want to happen! This is not good for your credit score. If your payment comes at a time of the month where you can’t pay, change the due date. This can be done online or by calling your card issuer provided on your monthly statement.

Be Strategic

Having one credit card is great. But, having a couple can really earn you a lot of rewards! Swipe those cards strategically and use our credit card tips to your benefit.

APR Promotions

This is a great option if you have debt or need to make a big purchase. Take advantage of the 0% rate on purchases or balance transfers offers. And remember to make your payments on time!

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