5 Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you may be thinking about ways to increase its value. Some renovations are shown to increase the market value of your home by up to 7.3%. Here are 5 projects to boost your home’s value:

1. Update the kitchen

A functional and beautiful kitchen is an important asset to any home, but oftentimes homeowners can feel overwhelmed with upgrade costs. When remodeling and updating your kitchen, consider starting small at first. Cabinets can be painted, and hardware replaced instead of gutting the entire area. Check out other areas that will make a big difference to a prospective buyer such as replacing outdated light fixtures and old kitchen faucets. Small updates such as these can have a lasting impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

2. Upgrade the appliances

One quick way to instantly transform your home is to upgrade your appliances to match one another. Enjoy a more cohesive look in your home when you upgrade the appliances to the same brand and color, or as similar as possible. Plus, enjoy added benefits of newer energy-efficient models of appliances when replacing older appliances.

3. Boost curb appeal

The outside look of your home matters. Tackle any outwards appearance projects that can be easily accomplished. This can include power washing your home’s siding to remove mildew and dirt, replacing or fixing gutters, installing an updated front door, and enhancing your landscaping.

4. Improve energy efficiency

One important aspect from a prospective home buyer’s perspective can be how energy-efficient a home is. Overlooked areas such as the attic, insulation, and drafty doors or windows can make or break a sell. Start small by adding insulation to your attic, seal cracks around doors and windows, and verify cracks are addressed near light switches and electrical sockets. Securing these areas in a home can prevent energy loss.

5. Add In Smart Home Technology

Setting up smart devices in your home can modernize and improve the value of your home upon selling. Devices such as smart plugs, smart bulbs, and smart thermostats can add convenience and savings. Check out these 10 examples of smart home devices to add to your home! Talk to an Eastex Loan Specialist Today If you’re in need of financial assistance to help make home upgrades happen, talk to an Eastex Credit Union Loan Specialist today! We can help you find the best loan type for your check list, whether it’s tapping into your home equity, obtaining a personal loan for home repairs and upgrades, or boosting your credit with an Eastex VISA credit card. Call us today to get started at (409) 276-2525.

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