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Spring semester is here already, and before you know it Summer will be over and then…COLLEGE. We know you’ve waited for what seems like forever to get to college, and all your hard work has finally paid off. Eastex wants to help ease the expenses of college life!

We are happy to announce we have six $500 Scholarships to award to six deserving applicants. These applicants will be 2016 – 2017 graduating high school seniors and current college underclassmen that are members of this credit union and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Submit a completed application (click here for the application).
  2. Submit a 250-word essay entitled “What field of study do you plan to seek? What are the most important issues your field is facing today?”
  3. Proof of a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5.
  4. Two letters of recommendations from professors (underclassmen).
  5. An official transcript of classes (underclassmen)
  6. The applicant must be a member in good standing with Eastex CU.

To apply, click here to download the scholarship application and to learn more about our criteria and eligibility. Local senior students and currently enrolled underclassmen are strongly encouraged to apply.

Deadline is Friday, April 14, 2017

Scholarship Resources

As you look for scholarships, don’t make the mistake of searching alone. Get a friend or parent to search with you. By pooling your resources you will be able to find more scholarships in less time and have more time to focus on writing essays and submitting applications.

When we were looking for scholarships, we found them in nearly every place you could imagine. Other resources you should consider are:

Zinch.com – www.zinch.com

Fastweb.com – www.fastweb.com

Scholarship Points.com – www.scholarshippoints.com

Cappex.com – www.cappex.com

Scholarships.com – www.scholarships.com

College Boards – https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search

Scholarship Experts.com – www.scholarshipexperts.com

Super College.com – www.supercollege.com

College Express.com – Weirdest Scholarships http://www.collegexpress.com/lists/list/60-of-the-weirdest-college-scholarships/1000/

Other Places to Look for Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Visit with your employer or your parents’ employer.
  • Search “Scholarship + Your Major”
  • Search “Scholarships for Students”
  • Check out the colleges you are applying to and their Alumni Pages
  • Review any scholarships from organizations you belong to; such as Rotary or FFA
  • Contact community organizations and civic groups
  • Search major companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike
  • Visit your local library and borrow a scholarship book

Don’t delay – start your search today!

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