15 Frugal Things To Do This Summer

15 Frugal Things To Do This Summer

Looking for some fun, free, or inexpensive things to do this summer with family? Check out this list of 15 frugal ways to make the most out of this season with family!

  1. Free pool playdates

Take advantage of your neighborhood pool and set up a swim date with a neighbor or guest. Soak up some sun while

  1. Run Through Sprinklers

No backyard or neighborhood pool? No problem! Break out some sprinklers for some good old-fashioned summer fun. Cool down in the summer heat by letting loose in some simple yard sprinklers.

  1. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fights are synonymous with summertime. Don’t miss out on this fun activity by purchasing inexpensive water balloons

  1. Roast ‘Smores

Host a fun backyard get together with minimal spending on smore’s treats. Make it a summer night to remember by star-gazing and story swapping!

  1. Thank a First Responder

Visit your local fire station to thank a first responder for their hard work and dedication to your community. Have your children write their own thank you cards and what it means to them to be a hero. While bringing the first responders a treat is not necessary, they will certainly appreciate a “sweet” gesture! Check out this simple 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie recipe that are sure to make them smile!

  1. Tie Dye Shirts

Create something unique this summer when you try a homemade tie dye shirt. With simple ingredients such as Kool-Aid packets, distilled white vinegar, and rubber bands, you’re sure to stand out from a crowd with a vibrant shirt. Try this summer fun shirt!

  1. Have a Picnic at a Park

Pack up your lunch and head to your park when you have a picnic at the park! Invite neighbors or stick with family and enjoy your food al fresco!

  1. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Shop and support local when you visit your local farmer’s market! You can try new products and get your weekly grocery shopping done all while getting some fresh air.

  1. Go Hiking

Explore new trails and paths when you take a hike this summer. Having fun while exercising is sure to make you feel accomplished this summer. Enjoy scenic views in the evening time when it’s not so hot. Take pictures to cherish the memories!

  1. Have a Garage Sell

Have some fun and make some money when you sell your unused and unwanted items this season. You will feel much less cluttered and much more accomplished when you rid your house of excess items. Have the kids join in on the fun by having them sell their unwanted items or even by selling lemonade during the garage sell.

  1. Take an Evening Bike Ride

Enjoy a summer evening by taking a neighborhood bike ride. Because it’s not so hot during the evening, you might enjoy this activity so much that it becomes part of your weekly routine!

  1. Play a Board Game

Take a break from the outdoors when you play a board game in the cool air conditioning! Choose your favorite classic board game and enjoy family time!

  1. Learn a New Skill

Challenge yourself this summer to complete something you’ve been wanting to learn. Learn to play an instrument, knit, or speak a new language this summer!

  1. Read a Book

Visit your local library to check out books, attend book readings, and join classes to keep learning this summer! Consider listening to audiobooks and eBooks in addition to paperbacks.

  1. Cook Something New

Have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the time? Make some time this summer to commit to trying out a new recipe. Fire up the grill for this season’s favorites.

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