Jun 7, 2016
Join us for our grand opening

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Join us at our Grand Openings!

June 13th – Buna:  Connect on the Go and ATM

June 14th – Kountze:  A Full service branch facility PLUS a Connect on the Go. Michelle & Laura will be serving the Kountze community at this new location. Stop by and see them soon.

What is Connect on the Go?

Connect on the Go is an Interactive Teller Machine or otherwise referred to as ITM. It is new technology designed to help you complete all your financial transactions without ever actually going into a lobby. It offers the convenience of a drive thru self-service transactions all with the personal touch of having a teller. When you utilize our new ITM machines, you’ll be able to have the same devoted, consistent service, with the efficiency of a machine. We are constantly striving to provide our members with the best products and services possible and we are so excited to be able to roll out the first of it’s kind in this area.

If you’re looking for our machine, it’ll look like an ATM machine. It will allow you to have a face-to-face conversation in real time with an Eastex Member Service Representative using two way video and built in speakers and microphone. This state of the art machine is able to process the same transactions you would do in our lobby. You can rest assured all your transactions will be safe, private, and secure.

If you’re unsure about using the new ITM, our Eastex Team Members can help assist you through every step of your transaction as well as answer any questions you may have.

May 31, 2016

Motorcycle financing with EastexDo you dream of buying a motorcycle? Are you worried that your budget is not up to the challenge? Why not leave worries behind and start looking into motorcycle financing? You could be just a few clicks away from your dream of riding into the sunset, cross-country adventures, hitting the open road or exploring the surrounding landscape on a budget.

The question is not whether or not a motorcycle loan would help you, because the answer is undoubtedly positive, but where to get it from in order to enjoy the best terms and conditions and benefit the most from it.
There is probably no need to tell you that you should stay away from private lenders, who will most likely ask for the moon and the sky in terms of interest. You may have a hard time getting motorcycle financing from other financial institutions as well, since they will ask for insurance and force you to buy from authorized dealers.
You therefore need a more flexible solution, a lender from whom you will receive a straight answer fast, to know exactly what to expect. That is why we suggest credit unions. Why? Here are five reasons.

Five Reasons to use Credit Union Motorcycle Financing

  • Their purpose is usually not shareholder profits but member satisfaction;
  • They have among the most flexible and easy to meet eligibility requirements on the market;
  • Credit union motorcycle financing can be approved fast and based on a simple application procedure;
  • They have low overall costs and are easy to repay;
  • Membership in a credit union brings numerous other benefits.

Now that you have a better idea of what credit unions have to offer, it is time to learn how to find the best offers for motorcycle loans. Here are the steps you should follow:

Five Steps to Secure an Affordable Loan for a Motorcycle

  • The first thing you need to do, is look for credit unions in your area and do a little research on their background and reputation. You need a credit union started by people like you for people like you, with several decades of experience on the market and a solid reputation, so eliminate any organization that does not meet these requirements from your list.
  • Check out each credit union’s offer and see which of them provide motorcycle loans. It is important to take a loan dedicated to the asset you want to acquire because you will benefit from better terms and conditions and incur lower risks. The worst case scenario is that, if you do not repay the loan as agreed, you may lose your motorcycle. This is preferable to losing the house or your car.
  • Compare terms and conditions, especially interest rates, and see which credit union has the best offer. Do not choose the first institution you come across, as you may have to repay a fortune .
  • Contact the union with the best offer and apply for membership. Yes, credit unions do not work with customers, but with members. For them, you will not be a source of income, but a link in the chain of their existence.
  • Once a member, apply for motorcycle financing, get out on your new bike and make your dream come true!

Did Your Research Bring You to Eastex CU?

If not, it is time you learned that we are a reputable credit union with over six decades of market experience and a history of granting fast and convenient motorcycle financing to our members. Have you laid eyes on a particular model? Would you like to know how much money you can borrow or how much you will have to repay every month?

Call (409) 276-2525 or 866-445-9622 or click the button below to apply right now! You will see for yourself that we offer some of the best motorcycle loans on the market and we have the simplest and fastest approval procedure.

Apply for a Loan!

May 24, 2016

School is almost out which means our young readers are going to have a lot more time on their hands. So whether they are saving up for a new adventure, the latest gadgets, or new clothes, the sooner you get started with savings the quicker you’ll be able to reach your goals.

How much will you need to save in order to make that purchase? Do the math and figure out how much per week you’d have to save in order to reach that goal. If you need a little help figuring it out, we have savings calculators that will help tell you how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goal, then divide that by four and that’ll give you a weekly target.

If you want to have more money you’ve got to do one of two things, make more or spend less. Sometimes finding ways to earn more can be a little difficult but we can almost always find ways to spend less. Only spend on what you need, not what you want. Think about it long term, if you want to go out with some friends to a movie and dinner, skip out on the dinner and eat before you leave or split a meal with a friend. You can put that savings towards your bigger goals.

Most adults call it a budget but keep a spending diary. This is a great way for you to become a smarter shopper. You track what you buy and how much you spend on it, then as you go through the weeks seeing where your money actually ends up will help you make smarter decisions. Be honest with yourself draw a line on what was a want and what was a need.

Separate your savings and make it a priority in your life. There is no better time to start saving like the present, and when you look back, you’ll be glad you did. Set ground rules for yourself and don’t make excuses! Log on to isavecu.com to learn more about how finances work and what you can do to get on the right path.

May 17, 2016

Credit Unions Southeast TXChoosing from the Credit Unions in Southeast Texas

This isn’t going to be your typical message from a credit union. It’s probably going to be a little too personal. It might be a little too familiar. Believe us, though, it comes from the heart. This is important. This is what we’re really all about. You’ll hear that credit unions in Southeast Texas and elsewhere provide better customer service than other financial institutions. You’ll hear that because we’re not-for-profit we can offer our members lower rates and higher returns. What you may not know, though, is why our people stay with us. We’re a family out here in Southeast Texas. As a Southeast Texas Credit union, we’re proud to be part of the community. And there’s a really good reason for that. Continue reading »

May 10, 2016

With summer quickly approaching, the idea of taking a vacation might be appealing but taking a vacation might not necessarily be the right move depending on your financial situation. Take a step back and think about if you can properly fund your adventure. When you don’t plan the financial aspect of your trip could result in some major road bumps or even going home early.

Think ahead of what your budget may be. There are a lot of ways you can fund an adventure. The most obvious solution is to save money and live below your means. That’s usually step one. Being under budget could ultimately cost hundreds more than what you had initially bargained. Always read the fine print and ask questions. Ask what isn’t included- especially when you hear the phrase all inclusive or free.

If you don’t have the money you needed for your trip saved, will you be taking out a loan or use a credit card during your trip? If so, then do your research and see what type of special loans you might be able to find. Eastex Credit Union offers low rate loans to help you take that much needed vacation.

If you plan on spending a large amount in the coming future, taking a quick trip might only set you back on your ultimate goal. If any vacation will only set you back financially, consider a staycation in lieu of plunging into debt. Stay in your own city during the day and come home each night for your lodging, if you feel like you must stay someplace else google discounts on lodging or look up bed and breakfasts or camping!

If you crunch the numbers and decide a vacation just isn’t in the budget then it might be time to buckle down and start getting serious about your savings. When you open an account with Eastex, your account can earn dividends and are paid quarterly. We have budgeting tools to help you decide what to do next, so if opening a savings account looks like the next best step, contact us today.

Budget Tools

May 3, 2016

Credit Union RV Loans from EastexFinding the Right Credit Union RV Loan Is Just The Start

Sure, vacationing can be done on the cheap. Some budget travelers can get by on a dime with backpacks, hostels, and nothing more than a loaf of bread for the day. That’s not exactly every journeyer’s dream scenario. For many people, vacationing isn’t about sweat and work; it’s about an escape – a comfortable, welcoming escape. One perfect way to travel in this style is to hit the open road in an amenities-packed and luxury recreational vehicle (RV). Of course, RVs aren’t exactly budget travel, which is why an affordable credit union RV loan might be the best option for you. Continue reading »

Apr 26, 2016

On the Go Car on road

You’ve heard about it, maybe you know what it is, maybe not.

Our new Connect on the GO drive in teller machines in Buna and Kountze are designed to help you complete all your financial transactions without having to come into the lobby.

Connect on the GO Is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM.) An ITM is innovative technology that offers the convenience of Drive through self-service transactions with the personal touch of a teller. Our members will be able to receive the same devoted, consistent service, with the efficiency of a machine. We are the first in the area to provide this convenient service to our loyal members.

These ITMs actually look like an ATM machine, they allow you to have a real-time, face-to-face conversation with an Eastex Member Service Representative at the machine. This MSR can guide you through every step of your transaction and answer any questions you may have about your account.

Using two way video, built-in speakers and a microphone, the Eastex CU Connect on the GO allows you and the MSR to interact as if you were speaking in person. All transactions are safe, private and secure. Most importantly, you can complete almost any transaction that you can with an MSR in our lobby; make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, cash checks, and more.

Update on Buna Connect on the GO!:

We are proud to announce that Buna Connect on the Go location is now up and running. Located in the heart of Buna at 525 Hwy 62, we can now serve the Buna community with these convenient services without having to drive to another branch. Stay tuned – Kountze will be next!

Apr 19, 2016

Switch to E-Statements Today

Switch to E-Statements Today

Every day we wake up on this earth and go about our daily lives. Most of us drag ourselves out of bed in the morning and do whatever it is we have to do to earn a living or keep the household together. We rarely “stop and smell the roses” due to lack of time or a sense of urgency society has placed on everything. We accumulate more trash than ever before and it ends up in huge stinky landfills. We recycle when we can and move forward. Whether we believe in a higher power or not, the Earth is a gift to us humans every day and is constantly showing us its true beauty, if only we stopped to enjoy it sometimes.

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. Earth Day was created to bring people together on environmental issues and protests against environmental deterioration. Its purpose was to raise consciousness about all the environmental issues but also bring people from all over together that had been fighting separate issues like oil spills, pollution, sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, wildlife, and more. Every year on April 22nd we celebrate our planet’s generous beautiful bounty and petition our leaders to act on the various issues effecting all life on this earth.

With Earth Day this month, we wanted to reach out to our members to encourage you to sign up for our e-Statements for your monthly account statements. You’ll get all the necessary information directly to your email. It’ll save paper and ink, you’ll get faster service, if you need to print it you can, and it’s totally free. Reduce your carbon footprint!

Signing up is easy, all you have to do is contact us or come in and let us help you set it up. It’s a quick and easy process! Once you’re all signed up, you’ll immediately begin receiving your statements electronically.

Apr 12, 2016

Eastex Scholarship Application Why You Should Apply
Senior year is filled with nostalgia and you’re currently nearing the end of your high school career making productivity at your all-time low. You’ve probably decided about you plans for the future, and if you’re going to college the idea of a scholarship is completely out of reach. You might be thinking, “I’m not one of those perfect GPA students” or “I wasn’t involved in 10 different organizations like those people.” That’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect, here at Eastex Credit Union we are excited that you’ve decided to take this big step towards your future! We believe in you and we want to invest in you.

Continue reading »

Apr 5, 2016

Get a loan from a Credit Union

What Are the Advantages of Credit Union Loans?

Credit Unions have always been known to be highly service oriented, and that extends to their loan options. Credit unions exist to serve their members instead of their bosses and shareholders, and we firmly believe that credit union loans tend to offer a lot of advantages over bank loans.

Plenty of Loan Options

Big banks need to restrict their loan options so that they can safely offer them to a huge number of people across a large area. That means that they cannot offer specialized loans that meet the needs of specific groups or individuals without charging a large premium for the service. Loans from credit unions can be customized much more easily because the credit union has a much smaller pool of clients and knows much more about them.

People need loans for a lot of different things, from businesses to cars to simply building up a good credit score, and most credit unions can offer loans that are specialized for those goals. Unlike banks, they can also offer loans that take advantage of local circumstances rather than national trends, so their loans can better meet the needs of their members. This is especially important for people who need personal loans since the credit union can know the details of the local economy and any risks that locals might face and adjust their interest rates and terms accordingly.

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