Jul 18, 2016

college fund

You don’t have to wait until your child gets his or her first job before you open up a checking or savings account! Here at Eastex, we encourage our members to open an account as soon as you can! Opening accounts for your child today can help them learn about savings for the future and managing their money.

Eastex Credit Union offers youth and young adult accounts. They are protected the same way your accounts are and are easy to manage. iSave is a program designed for youth 13-22 years old, and gives your child access to their money when they want it. They’ll receive their own debit card (with a parent signature) with a $300 limit, free checks, their very own VISA credit card (must be 18 to qualify) and a 1% off loan rate. In addition, we will teach your child all about how to use a checking account, how to know what exactly is in their account, how to apply for a credit card, and why having a credit card is a good thing when used responsibly.

Contributing to a savings account is also an important practice for youth.  Even the smallest amount of savings for your child could make the world of a difference for their future. For example, children who have a savings account for college are more likely to actually attend college and even more likely to graduate college!

We also host MAD City Money throughout the school year to help you teach your children about financial fitness and gives real life examples of financial management. This type of guidance is important for setting them up for the future with good habits and a better understanding about money.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean all learning has to come to a halt. Contact Eastex Credit Union today to get started.

Jul 7, 2016

Avoid Credit Card Scams Don’t get scammed! If you have ever been the victim of credit card scams, then you are aware of how sneaky and convincing these scammers can be. Unfortunately, many people still fall victim to these scams every year. Credit cards get stolen and both online and offline credit card fraud happens. Why is this allowed to continue? What systems are in place to prevent these problems? How does a thief get your credit card number? What can you do to keep your credit card information safe? Let’s look further into credit card scams and how you can protect yourself.

Credit Card Scam Techniques

How Do They Get Your Credit Card Number?

In order for credit card scams to take place, the first thing the scammers need is your credit card number. They accomplish this in several ways that can be very basic or technologically advanced. Continue reading »

Jun 28, 2016

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is practically here. With the major flooding all throughout Texas recently, it might be time to buckle down and start to think about how you can better prepare for hurricane season with an emergency plan. Planning ahead of time and a well thought out emergency plan can help protect you and your loved ones against a potential storm.

Before a storm even hits, it’s important do know your risk during storm seasons. You can look up your flood risk for your community beforehand and that can help you determine the type of flood insurance coverage you need since standard homeowners insurance won’t cover flooding. Another great thing to do prior to a storm is to take a home inventory. Take written and photographic record of your valuables, this will help assist your insurance adjuster with processing your claims quickly and correctly. Anything extra you can include like model numbers, purchase price, or more is also helpful. Once you’ve done that, if you know you’re in a flood zone, purchase materials that can help protect your home in advance to storm season. Having them on hand when you need them is easier than having to scramble last minute.

Assemble an emergency kit and develop a communication plan! In your emergency kit, you should include a first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, a few days of non-perishable foods and water, towels, and a supply of whatever necessary medications you might need. Stay up to date on the storm’s path and progress by monitoring emergency alerts. Know how you will contact loved ones, what to do if you get separated, and a plan of attack in different situations. This will help eliminate stress and confusion when it happens.

Another general rule to follow for hurricane season is to protect financial documents. In the event of a disaster, you will need identification and financial documents to begin the recovery process. Safeguard important documents in a bank safety deposit box, computer storage devices (USB drive, CD/DVD), and/or waterproof storage containers, including:

    • Personal identification (driver’s licenses, birth certificates, military IDs, passports, etc.)
    • Financial account information (checking, savings, retirement and investment accounts, credit/debit cards).
    • Insurance policies on all personal property, including appraisals and lists and photos of valuable items.
    • Ownership or leasing documentation for homes and vehicles (deeds, titles, registrations, rental agreements, etc.)
    • All health and medical insurance documentation.

If something unfortunate should happen, Eastex Credit Union is here to help you through. We have personal loans that can help provide you with the money you need in the event of a disaster without adding extra financial burden to your situation.

Jun 21, 2016

Get Savings Plans that work for you!

Choosing the right savings plan can lead to long-term financial security and the ability to make major purchases with greater ease. At Eastex, we pride ourselves in providing our members with a wide range of financial options as well as a level of personalized service that is simply unavailable through other financial institutions. Our members have access to the loan options, membership benefits, and savings plans that have been tailored to ensure they are able to achieve their long-term financial goals. From planning for retirement to buying a new home, customized savings plans can play a major role in planning a more comfortable and secure future.

Personalized Service

Everyone has different needs and prepackaged financial service options that may be ideal for one member may not be the best solution for another. Eastex provides our members with the personalized level of service needed to address almost any financial concern or issue. The guidance and assistance of a friendly and experienced financial professional can be essential when it comes to exploring different financial options and finding those that will be better suited to individual needs, circumstances and long-term goals. Dealing with a financial institution that fails to provide its members with quality service and personalized assistance can lead to no end of problems and issues. Continue reading »

Jun 14, 2016

Vacation loans from Eastex Credit Union!After a year’s work and trouble, all you can think of is a long and relaxing vacation. Yet, when you review your budget, you realize you cannot afford it. Before you kiss your dreams goodbye and let your loved ones down by putting their plans on hold until next year, there is one option you should consider: vacation loans!

Before you dismiss the idea thinking that the last thing you need is another load on your budget, consider the following:

  • The loan may be your only chance to offer yourself and your loved ones the possibility to recover after last year and recharge your batteries for next year;
  • The repayment will be structured in small monthly payments that you will barely feel, especially when remembering the fun you had on your vacation and hearing your loved ones recount their adventures;
  • The interest will be a small price to pay compared to the frustration and bitterness of having to spend your vacation at home, witnessing your loved ones’ disappointment and listening to your friends and neighbors’ vacation stories.

And if you have already had your share of negative experience with banks or private lenders, we have a much better option for you: credit unions. They offer a wide variety of loans and they often have far more flexible and affordable terms and conditions. Their approval procedure is simple and fast, and their loan costs are typically lower. Just check out their loans for vacation and you will see for yourself.

Credit Union Vacation Loans Explained

Various Types of Loans Addressing the Same Needs

Depending on your local credit union, you should be able to find convenient offers focusing either on vacation financing or on other closely related needs. If your idea of vacation involves sailing, fishing, swimming and diving, you could see it materialize with a boat loan.

If you would rather follow your instincts on a Harley, a motorcycle loan could help you get it. You can also acquire a home on wheels and take your loved ones on a lifetime vacation with an RV loan, or simply take a cash loan, book the plane tickets and some fancy hotel rooms on the beach and enjoy ultimate comfort in the sound of the waves.

Excellent Repayment Terms That Won’t Prevent FUTURE Dreams

When you decide to take loans for vacation, it is important to know that this decision will not jeopardize your next year’s vacation plans. That is why credit unions offer short and flexible repayment terms, adaptable to your needs and budget.

You have a minimum amount to pay every month, but paying more is always an option. You have low interest rates, established by people who understand both the importance of enjoying a nice vacation every now and then and the stress of strict budget limits.

Fast Approval, As You Have No Time to Lose

Vacation loans shouldn’t be especially difficult to acquire. After all, you’re getting the loan in order to get AWAY from all the hard work! As a member, your information has already been verified, so most of the approval procedure aims to establish the most convenient terms for you. As soon as you have submitted your application, you can start booking and packing. Not a member yet? That process is easy too! Join our credit union today!

Take All These Benefits to the Next Level with Eastex CU

A credit union with tradition and reliable members, Eastex CU has been financing unforgettable vacations under incredible terms for over five decades. You too have the opportunity to benefit from the best loan offers on the market if you become a member.

You are losing out on lifetime benefits and opportunities! Become an Eastex CU member now and gain access to the best offer of vacation loans and other financial services on the market! Thousands of members just like you can no longer imagine their life outside the union. Find out why!

Apply for a Loan!

May 31, 2016

Motorcycle financing with EastexDo you dream of buying a motorcycle? Are you worried that your budget is not up to the challenge? Why not leave worries behind and start looking into motorcycle financing? You could be just a few clicks away from your dream of riding into the sunset, cross-country adventures, hitting the open road or exploring the surrounding landscape on a budget.

The question is not whether or not a motorcycle loan would help you, because the answer is undoubtedly positive, but where to get it from in order to enjoy the best terms and conditions and benefit the most from it.
There is probably no need to tell you that you should stay away from private lenders, who will most likely ask for the moon and the sky in terms of interest. You may have a hard time getting motorcycle financing from other financial institutions as well, since they will ask for insurance and force you to buy from authorized dealers.
You therefore need a more flexible solution, a lender from whom you will receive a straight answer fast, to know exactly what to expect. That is why we suggest credit unions. Why? Here are five reasons.

Five Reasons to use Credit Union Motorcycle Financing

  • Their purpose is usually not shareholder profits but member satisfaction;
  • They have among the most flexible and easy to meet eligibility requirements on the market;
  • Credit union motorcycle financing can be approved fast and based on a simple application procedure;
  • They have low overall costs and are easy to repay;
  • Membership in a credit union brings numerous other benefits.

Now that you have a better idea of what credit unions have to offer, it is time to learn how to find the best offers for motorcycle loans. Here are the steps you should follow:

Five Steps to Secure an Affordable Loan for a Motorcycle

  • The first thing you need to do, is look for credit unions in your area and do a little research on their background and reputation. You need a credit union started by people like you for people like you, with several decades of experience on the market and a solid reputation, so eliminate any organization that does not meet these requirements from your list.
  • Check out each credit union’s offer and see which of them provide motorcycle loans. It is important to take a loan dedicated to the asset you want to acquire because you will benefit from better terms and conditions and incur lower risks. The worst case scenario is that, if you do not repay the loan as agreed, you may lose your motorcycle. This is preferable to losing the house or your car.
  • Compare terms and conditions, especially interest rates, and see which credit union has the best offer. Do not choose the first institution you come across, as you may have to repay a fortune .
  • Contact the union with the best offer and apply for membership. Yes, credit unions do not work with customers, but with members. For them, you will not be a source of income, but a link in the chain of their existence.
  • Once a member, apply for motorcycle financing, get out on your new bike and make your dream come true!

Did Your Research Bring You to Eastex CU?

If not, it is time you learned that we are a reputable credit union with over six decades of market experience and a history of granting fast and convenient motorcycle financing to our members. Have you laid eyes on a particular model? Would you like to know how much money you can borrow or how much you will have to repay every month?

Call (409) 276-2525 or 866-445-9622 or click the button below to apply right now! You will see for yourself that we offer some of the best motorcycle loans on the market and we have the simplest and fastest approval procedure.

Apply for a Loan!

May 24, 2016

School is almost out which means our young readers are going to have a lot more time on their hands. So whether they are saving up for a new adventure, the latest gadgets, or new clothes, the sooner you get started with savings the quicker you’ll be able to reach your goals.

How much will you need to save in order to make that purchase? Do the math and figure out how much per week you’d have to save in order to reach that goal. If you need a little help figuring it out, we have savings calculators that will help tell you how much you’ll need to save each month to reach your goal, then divide that by four and that’ll give you a weekly target.

If you want to have more money you’ve got to do one of two things, make more or spend less. Sometimes finding ways to earn more can be a little difficult but we can almost always find ways to spend less. Only spend on what you need, not what you want. Think about it long term, if you want to go out with some friends to a movie and dinner, skip out on the dinner and eat before you leave or split a meal with a friend. You can put that savings towards your bigger goals.

Most adults call it a budget but keep a spending diary. This is a great way for you to become a smarter shopper. You track what you buy and how much you spend on it, then as you go through the weeks seeing where your money actually ends up will help you make smarter decisions. Be honest with yourself draw a line on what was a want and what was a need.

Separate your savings and make it a priority in your life. There is no better time to start saving like the present, and when you look back, you’ll be glad you did. Set ground rules for yourself and don’t make excuses! Log on to isavecu.com to learn more about how finances work and what you can do to get on the right path.

May 17, 2016

Credit Unions Southeast TXChoosing from the Credit Unions in Southeast Texas

This isn’t going to be your typical message from a credit union. It’s probably going to be a little too personal. It might be a little too familiar. Believe us, though, it comes from the heart. This is important. This is what we’re really all about. You’ll hear that credit unions in Southeast Texas and elsewhere provide better customer service than other financial institutions. You’ll hear that because we’re not-for-profit we can offer our members lower rates and higher returns. What you may not know, though, is why our people stay with us. We’re a family out here in Southeast Texas. As a Southeast Texas Credit union, we’re proud to be part of the community. And there’s a really good reason for that. Continue reading »

May 10, 2016

With summer quickly approaching, the idea of taking a vacation might be appealing but taking a vacation might not necessarily be the right move depending on your financial situation. Take a step back and think about if you can properly fund your adventure. When you don’t plan the financial aspect of your trip could result in some major road bumps or even going home early.

Think ahead of what your budget may be. There are a lot of ways you can fund an adventure. The most obvious solution is to save money and live below your means. That’s usually step one. Being under budget could ultimately cost hundreds more than what you had initially bargained. Always read the fine print and ask questions. Ask what isn’t included- especially when you hear the phrase all inclusive or free.

If you don’t have the money you needed for your trip saved, will you be taking out a loan or use a credit card during your trip? If so, then do your research and see what type of special loans you might be able to find. Eastex Credit Union offers low rate loans to help you take that much needed vacation.

If you plan on spending a large amount in the coming future, taking a quick trip might only set you back on your ultimate goal. If any vacation will only set you back financially, consider a staycation in lieu of plunging into debt. Stay in your own city during the day and come home each night for your lodging, if you feel like you must stay someplace else google discounts on lodging or look up bed and breakfasts or camping!

If you crunch the numbers and decide a vacation just isn’t in the budget then it might be time to buckle down and start getting serious about your savings. When you open an account with Eastex, your account can earn dividends and are paid quarterly. We have budgeting tools to help you decide what to do next, so if opening a savings account looks like the next best step, contact us today.

Budget Tools

May 3, 2016

Credit Union RV Loans from EastexFinding the Right Credit Union RV Loan Is Just The Start

Sure, vacationing can be done on the cheap. Some budget travelers can get by on a dime with backpacks, hostels, and nothing more than a loaf of bread for the day. That’s not exactly every journeyer’s dream scenario. For many people, vacationing isn’t about sweat and work; it’s about an escape – a comfortable, welcoming escape. One perfect way to travel in this style is to hit the open road in an amenities-packed and luxury recreational vehicle (RV). Of course, RVs aren’t exactly budget travel, which is why an affordable credit union RV loan might be the best option for you. Continue reading »





















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